Why Weber State is great, great, great!

When the pressures of the semester begin to hit hard, it can be difficult for students to remember why they love their school. That school spirit can get stuffed to the back of the closet and forgotten. It is important to take time and appreciate all the things that make Weber State University great!

Weber State University was founded in 1889 as Weber Stake Academy. Weber held many different names throughout the years, but it became the university we know and love back in 1991. Weber offers more than 250 certificates, majors and minors to its students.

Money is one of the biggest problems that students face while attending college. Weber State University has a very low cost of tuition. Tuition and fees for in-state students during the 2014-15 school year were on average around $5,100. Tuition and fees for out-of-state students hovered around $13,700.

This is low compared to other universities here in Utah. For example, in-state tuition for those attending University of Utah was on average $8,000 for the 2014-15 school year, and around $25,000 for those coming from out-of-state. Although attending college in general can break the bank, it is nice to know that with the high quality of education at Weber State University students aren’t having to shell out as much as they would at another college.

Another great thing about Weber State University is the high rate of student involvement. Weber State offers many great clubs and organizations that allow students to get involved outside of the classroom. It can be hard to make friends and enjoy the social aspect of college without getting involved. During lectures, there just aren’t as many opportunities to strike up a conversation or find someone with common interests.

Kim Fernandez, a senior majoring in psychology at Weber State University, said, “I love being involved with the Greek life at Weber State. My first two years at Weber I didn’t have a lot of friends but when I got involved with the Greek life here I met tons of new people and made great friends.”

The clubs and organizations offer students a chance to meet people who share their same interests. For those who want to become more involved, a full list of clubs and organizations can be found online at www.weber.edu/co.

Weber State University offers certificates, majors and minors in a wide variety of fields. The range of options is especially helpful for students doing their generals while they figure out what they would like to major in. The programs here also attract students who have completed their generals in their hometown and are now ready to tackle a program in their preferred field.

Ashley Williams, a junior, said, “I love Weber because it has a great business program. I also love that it is close to home for me.”

Students are sure to find a program that will work for them and their goals at Weber State University. For those students who may still be searching for that perfect degree (or even those who might be thinking of switching) there is a full list of certificates and degrees that are offered at Weber State at www.weber.edu/majors.

During homecoming week, remember to get out there and show your school spirit. Remember all the things about Weber State University that make it more than just a school.