Fun summer activities we could be doing

This is the first time I’ve taken summer classes in college. On top of that, I’m working three jobs, one of these as the opinion editor for The Signpost. I find every day is filled with juggling multiple tasks. Free time? Sleep? Non-existent. Needless to say, I am feeling overwhelmed.

I find myself daydreaming about fun summer activities, and I had a moment of self-doubt while walking to class last week when I caught the smell of sunscreen in the air. This threw me into memories of tanning and swimming. I realized I would rather be doing so many other things than walking to class.

As all of us Signposters are sacrificing summer fun to put an edge on our future, we decided to compile a wish list of things we would be doing this summer if we weren’t working our butts off to get ahead.

1. Explore nature. With the Ogden Canyon just miles away, scenic drives on the motorcycle, rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking adventures are all on our minds. Why crack open a textbook when you can enjoy the mountains? Instead we’re all studying for upcoming exams.

2. Plan trips out of town. We love Ogden, we do, but when we are stuck here from August to April, there are times when we just want to escape. On our list: Flaming Gorge, the beaches of California or Oregon, the East Coast, and Vegas, baby.

3. Combining the best of both of these, we could plan trips in the mountains. We love camping, and when you can get away for the weekend with just a short drive through the canyon, it’s even more tempting.

4. Summer is for getting some sun by the water. This can be anything, just as long as we get a tan! We like pools, lakes, oceans, ponds, puddles. You name it. Throw in some paddleboarding or scuba diving and our day is made.

5. Most exciting of all, we could also be enjoying the small things in our neighborhoods. We like BBQs, cold beverages, fishing and to some, pulling weeds. There’s nothing stopping us here.