WSU Tennis Club offers place for beginners and skilled players

The Weber State University Tennis Club is gearing up for a season of practices and tournaments.

(Source: Jess Mullis) From left to right: Tyler Davis, Niel Burnett, Jess Mullis, Kaline Maples, Matt Jackson, Bryan Winmill at a past tournament representing WSU.
(Source: Jess Mullis) (Left to right) Tyler Davis, Niel Burnett, Jess Mullis, Kaline Maples, Matt Jackson and Bryan Winmill represent Weber State University at a past tournament.

Co-presidents Jess Mullis and Matt Jackson started the club last semester.

“We were both looking for a tennis club and realized that there wasn’t one, so we met up and got things going,” Mullis said.

Mullis and Jackson said they invite all students to try out the club, as anybody who wants to play tennis is welcome.

“Since we accept all skill levels, it’s just fun for everybody,” Mullis said. “Last semester we started off with all sorts of skill levels. We had beginners, even some kid who’d never even picked up a racket before. He really loved it.”

Jackson said he expects regular practices to resume within the next couple of weeks. After that, the club will meet 5-7 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.

“Once the nets go up and once the weather’s cooperating, we’re going to be practicing two times a week,” Mullis said. “Then we’re also looking at adding another morning practice in sometime during the week.”

In addition to recreational tennis, the club offers the opportunity to compete in tournaments. Mullis said most of the club’s competitions right now are intercollegiate, played against such schools as Brigham Young University, the University of Utah and Utah State University.

“There’s a lot of networking, not just within Weber State but within the other schools as well,” Mullis said. “The social aspect of it is really fun. It also gives me a chance to compete again, because I used to, and it’s just fun all around.”

Niel Burnett has been a member of the club since last semester. He said he enjoyed participating in his first tournament about two weeks ago.

“We were able to play in a doubles tournament against some guys from Utah State and also from University of Utah,” Burnett said. “It was cool just to play against different skill levels, because that really made me excited to play against them. Also, it made me compete harder because I was representing Weber State.”

The club is open to students, faculty, alumni and community members. A $30 club fee lasts throughout the year. Club members are required to bring their own rackets, but tennis balls are provided.

With about 20 official members, Jackson said, the club is always looking for more recruits.

“Even if people don’t have time to join, or they think they don’t, they can join anyways and find other people who are into tennis, and they can set up their own schedule,” Jackson said. “Something me and Jess like to focus on is making sure people meet other people within the club so that, if they can’t make it to a meeting at all that semester, they can just talk to some other people and work out a practice of their own. This is something that’s great about the club.”

To join the club or find event dates, students can email [email protected], or visit the club’s Facebook page, Weber State Tennis Club.

“It’s just fun for everybody,” Mullis said. “We get a lot of different people in, and it’s just a fun way to spend a couple hours outside. I think everybody should give it a try.”