It’s WSUSA election season!

Vice President for Diversity and Unity candidate Neftali Castañeda and Vice President of Clubs and Organizations candidate Chloe Sanow speaking to students about their goals for the student body at WSU.

Voting for Weber State University Student Association elections is open Feb. 27 to March 2 through your student email. Keep your eyes open around campus for lawn signs and the candidates themselves.

The results will be announced at Weber’s Got Talent in the Wildcat Theatre on Friday, March 3 at 6 p.m.

This list is composed of candidates who announced their candidacy and met all deadlines and other requirements set by WSUSA. Candidates who did not meet the requirements may launch a write-in campaign; they are not included in this list.


Student body president

Jonathan Rosas

“Leading with purpose: amplifying student concerns and ideas, building a more inclusive campus, and creating opportunities for students to shape their educational experience.”

Ashley Potokar

“You matter. Your voice matters. You have a place at Weber State.”

Vice President of activities

Sydney pace

“I’m all in because YOU matter and YOU are heard. Better activities. Better fun. Better time. Will be a better Weber State experience.”

Megan Wahlquist

“I am not here to be the “party planner,” I am here to create opportunities for YOU to connect, grow, and create memories to enhance your time at Weber.”

Evan Gale

“I will strive to enrich the student life of Weber State University through fun and exciting activities that will make our school great, great, GREAT!”

Executive Vice President

Isaac Staszkow

“If I am elected as Executive Vice President I will work to enhance belonging, increase involvement, and advocate for each and every students concerns.”

Vice President of Davis and satellite campuses

Jackson Hardy

“Assume positive intent. Love each other, and mind your business.”

Vice President of diversity and unity

Genesis Vargas-Arrona

“I want to be your advocate, your support and your friend. I will fight for what is right for you, and ensure you are included in conversations that impact you.”

Neftali Castaneda

“Promoting diversity and inclusion fosters innovation, collaboration, and excellence. As VP of Diversity and Unity, I am committed to building a more equitable and innovative university community.”

Vice President of clubs and organizations

Chloe Shaw

“Elevating student involvement. I will create a personable and engaging experience for all clubs and organizations.”

Franco Barbiero

“Opportunities of a lifetime are all around you. All we have to do is take a step forward. Let’s build connections together!”

Vice President of community engagement

Rylan Rusty Musselman

“Empowering our community through service and utility – together we can achieve great things.”

Joshua Clawson

“Every student as Weber deserves connection – to others, the university, our community, and beyond. Engagement, on all levels, creates connections. We need you to engage!”

Yuritzi Rosas Hernandez

“It’s my passion to change a system that was not built for me or for people like me, and to restructure it so that more students can succeed.”

College of business and economics senator

Logan Baird

“I am running on a platform of bringing more professional opportunity to campus, creating connection between students, and ensuring our students voices are heard at every level of campus life.”

Hispanic senator

Jennifer Duenaz

“Connection, collaboration and culture will be what moves us toward the future.”

International senator

Edson Barros Cordeiro

“I will try my best to improve the quality of life for international students on campus, from reducing tuition costs to hosting a lot of fun events!”

No candidate or write in

Vice president of leadership

African diaspora senator

Asian senator

Athletics and club sports senator

College of arts and humanities senator

College educator senator

College of engineering, applied science and technology senator

College of health professionals senator

College of science senator

College social and behavioral sciences senator

Davis campus senator

Graduate senator

Honors/BIS senator

Housing and residence life senator

Lgbtq+ senator

Native american senator

Non-traditional senator
Pacific islander senator

Students with disabilities senator

Traditional and general studies senator

Veteran senator