Wildcats to visit Mozambique for women's center project

The Weber State University Geography Club will sell authentic African art and jewelry sale Oct. 15-16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Shepherd Union Atrium to raise money and awareness for the Mozambique Women’s Center Project, also known as Mozwoc.

“This is all genuine African jewelry and decor from Mozambique and Southern Africa, all handmade and hand crafted,” said Robert Winn, senior at WSU and Geography Club member.

Mozwoc is a collaboration between students, faculty and staff at WSU and the nonprofit organization.

Women gather at the egg co-op established by David and Charlotte Hamblin of No Poor Among Us in Mozambique
(Source: No Poor Among Us) Women gather at the egg co-op established by David and Charlotte Hamblin of No Poor Among Us in Mozambique.

The goal of the project is to build a center where women can work and advance their educations.

“David and Charlotte Hamblin, who are behind No Poor Among Us, have traveled to Africa quite a bit, and they found this area that was in great need, lots of poor and lots of people struggling there,” said Charlene Nelson from WSU Career Services. “They knew they wanted to help, so they had previously procured a building that was formerly a meat-packing plant, and they turned it into an egg co-op to give the women there the ability to earn money to sustain and to help educate their children.”

In this area of Mozambique, children cannot go to school unless they buy uniforms and books. Most of the children aren’t educated, especially the young girls. NPAU.org, the website for No Poor Among Us, states that “it costs us around $15 to make and distribute a uniform.” For many youngsters in Mozambique, the inability to pay for a uniform and school supplies is the only thing that stands between them and an education.

“They helped form this little egg co-op so that now, two or three years later, they have about 17 employees that all are earning money to help educate their children,” Nelson said.

In the spring 2014 semester, WSU will offer a class to prepare students for the trip to Mozambique.

Nelson urged students who are interested in coming on the trip to Mozambique but worried about raising funds for the trip.

“Come talk to us about ways you can fundraise. If you really want to go, you just start fundraising; you can find businesses that will sponsor you. You’ve got quite a bit of time ahead of you to do that.”