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Thainy Tidbits: Top three services WSU students should use

They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. When it comes to services available to students here at Weber State University, it may be more accurate to say that most students don’t know what they have even after it’s gone. The unfortunate fact is that a large part of the student body doesn’t take the time to explore what campus has to offer.

Guess what? Your student fees — the money you fork up every year to attend your classes — are paying for these services. So if all you’re really doing is attending your classes, you are getting ripped off, and it’s your own fault.

Oops! I guess now you’re really mad at me for calling you out. I suppose you’re thinking, “Look, lady, I have (insert other responsibilities here). I don’t have time to go snooping around campus to figure out where all my money is going.”

Have no fear! I am here to help. I’ve put together a list of services available on campus that you may want to take advantage of before you leave WSU.

1. The Health Center

If you’re anything like me, there is nothing you hate more than breaking your piggy bank open to pay doctor’s bills and co-pays. Well, leave that piggy alone! The Health Center provides outpatient care to WSU students for little to no cost. These services are available to anyone currently registered at WSU, and all you need is your student ID. You don’t even need insurance.

The center provides medical care for common illnesses or injuries as well as some minor surgery, X-ray services, physical exams, pregnancy testing and the list goes on. It also has a pharmacy that carries commonly prescribed medications, many of which cost $4 or less.

2. The Stress Relief Center

Did you know that students often experience stress? I know, I was shocked when I heard, too.

Have you ever wanted to take a break in the middle of your day? Don’t you just wish you could take a mini vacation in between classes, maybe take a relaxing nap or sit in a massage chair? It sounds like a fantasy, but in past years, every couple of weeks, that’s exactly what I did at the Stress Relief Center.

The center  features many relaxation tools, but some of my favorites are the massage chairs, the Chi Machine and the inversion tables.

3. Career Services

The thought of finding a job, let alone one in your field of study, is scary to say the least. That’s why one of my favorite services offered to WSU students is Career Services.

Some services provided include career counseling, mock job interviews, resume writing assistance and many workshops throughout the year.

If time and time again you are turned down by potential employers, chances are your resume or your interviewing skills are in need of some TLC. That’s why mock interviews and resume writing assistance are some of my favorite services offered at Career Services.

Do yourself a favor and take your resume to Career Services and let them help you! They have experts who can take a look and let you know where you need to improve.

Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment for a mock interview! There’s great value in being able to actually go in and do a fake interview and watch a recording of the interview later and see where you need to improve.

Obviously, WSU has a lot of services to offer, and if you can, you should take advantage of every single one. But if you can’t take advantage of all of them, I highly recommend taking advantage of these three services that I personally value the most.

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