Orientation: Students review campus food options

With 26,532 students, Weber State University offers a wide variety of dining options. Services ranging from Sodexo to the bookstore are ready and willing to quench students’ hunger for a price.

Brian Homer, a senior business student, has done his share of eating on campus, and said he favors the more tasteful venue of the Wildcat Room in the Shepherd Union Building.

“I enjoy eating there because it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet for a reasonable price, and the food there is pretty good,” Homer said. “I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the Wildcat Room and how good the food was for the price they were selling it at. It doesn’t always work on a college student budget, but if you can, then it’s definitely worth it.”

Homer, like many students, said he feels the strain of a college student’s budget.

“Most of the options for food on campus are overpriced, which is sad considering it’s a poor-student market,” Homer said. “Being in college, I am on a tight budget, and I just can’t afford to eat on campus much more than once or twice a week, so the rest of the time I need to bring food from home if I don’t want to starve.”

He went on to advocate responsible meal planning.

“Someone who is new to campus should first create a weekly and monthly budget,” he said. “This is the time when we are all learning how to be adults, and learning how to manage finances is part of that process. Try a little bit of everything. Eat at every vendor at least once and decide what you like and what you don’t like. Develop a sense of taste and culture yourself a little bit. Don’t settle for second-rate food now, and you will have set a good habit for life.”

Mitch Potter, a sophomore music student, also recommended variety, advising his fellow students to “look around at all the places to eat on campus. You don’t need to eat at the same thing every day.”

Potter said he prefers the Lotza Pizza & Pasta venue for its pasta. Lotza Pizza & Pasta is located on the south end of the Shepherd Union Building on the main floor. Potter, a diabetic, has an important need to maintain his blood sugar. He also suggested looking around for quick pick-me-ups throughout the day.

While formal dining venues attract a lot of students, coffee shops such as Starbucks and Art Elements offer an alternative to more traditional fare. Valeria Ponce de Leon, a sophomore art student, said she prefers this option.

“I usually go to Starbucks and get myself a coffee, and a pastry now and then,” she said.

Ponce de Leon also said she doesn’t bring food from home.

“I’m here until 5 p.m. or 6 p.m.,” she said. “That makes it hard to keep food here.”

Besides Starbucks, Ponce de Leon said she was in favor of the grilled cheese at Grill 155.

“It’s modestly priced, and very tasty,” she said.