Volleyball falls to ISU in straight sets

Photo By: Cade Clark
Audrey Biggs spikes a ball in a game earlier this season. WSU fell to Idaho State University Wednesday night in three sets.

The Weber State University volleyball team lost to the Idaho State University Bengals on Wednesday night in three straight sets.

It was a tough battle for the Wildcats against one of the Big Sky Conference’s top teams. Despite a persistent effort, WSU was unable to come away with the victory.

The first set was a close back-and-forth display of scoring points from both sides. Each team put up its share of solid play. The Wildcats were able to stay level with the Bengals through most of the set and tie the score up three times, but they were never able to take the lead away.

As the set neared its final moments of play with a score of 15-12 for ISU, the Wildcats weren’t able to put up the same numbers as their opponents. WSU could only score three points compared to the Bengals’ 10 as the set ended. The Wildcats lost the first set to ISU with a score of 25-15.

The second set showed promise for the Wildcats to come back. Although ISU took an early lead, WSU was able to take the lead from the Bengals halfway through the set as the score marked 13-12. After the score reached 20-17 for the Wildcats, ISU came back with seven unanswered points to put the score at 24-20.  WSU brought it back to 24-23, but the Bengals scored the last point to win the set at 25-23.

The third and final set was fairly close, but the Wildcats never managed a lead throughout. ISU began the set with a 5-0 run, and although the Wildcats fought back and crept up the scoreboard to make it a close set, they were never quite able to find the opportunity to close the gap. WSU lost the third set to ISU with a score of 25-19. The match was finished after three sets of play.

“I thought we were a little flat,” said WSU freshman Audrey Gee. “We had our moments of greatness . . . but I feel like when we have the momentum, we need to keep it that way.”

Members of the Wildcat volleyball team said they recognize their potential but respect the work that still needs to be done.

“I think that we have still a lot to keep doing,” said WSU freshman Rebecca Fuchs. “We have spurts and moments of greatness and we have to keep doing those things. So the things that are making us win within the game — that’s what we should keep doing. I think, really, that the flow is there; we just have to keep it there. It’s not a matter of whether it’s there or not, because it is there, but we just have to keep doing it.”

WSU (1-6, 7-11) will travel to Sacramento, Calif., this Saturday to face Big Sky opponent Sacramento State University.

Fuchs explained some aspects of preparation for the team when a game is near.

“We have scouting reports so we know what will work based on what other teams have done during past games. I mean, it depends, because everybody plays differently when the game actually comes . . . It just depends and shows at the beginning of the game. We have to get a feel for what (the opponents) are going to do that night and then adjust from there. It just always depends on the scouting report and what the coaches do from the sideline . . . We really listen to that make sure we do those things that the coaches see.”

Gee explained a simple principle of winning competitions.

“Whichever team works the hardest will win. In our moments of greatness, we work our hardest. We dig deep and, no matter what our minds or bodies are telling us, we just play our best. We play our game.”