Fun things to do in Ogden

Normally, Weber State University does an excellent job of providing ample weekend entertainment opportunities for its students. But what about those weekends when the football team is on the road and the Union Building is recovering from a previous week’s festivities? Never fear, fellow thrill-seeking Wildcats, for I have compiled a brief list of alternative fun opportunities throughout the Ogden community.

Dinosaurs: Regardless of the fact that they are single A, the Ogden Raptors are still professional baseball. What better way to head into the fall than to spend an evening soaking in the sights and sounds of America’s favorite pastime? General admission tickets are usually pretty cheap, making it a great date night. After the game, if you’re still in the mood for dinosaurs, you can head over to the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park off of 12th St. and see some life-sized dinosaur replicas while digging for fossils. Just don’t be embarrassed if you are the only person over the age of nine in the sandbox.

Comedy: Like your entertainment live? Ogden is known for having many places to see quality live entertainment. Wiseguys Comedy Cafe is an excellent comedy club that does a phenomenal job of showcasing local talent as well as touring comedians and celebrities. Wiseguys also usually provides either free or discounted admission to WSU students. There are also several improv comedy troupes in the Ogden area, such as Mission Improvable, which consistently sells out crowds at Salt Rock Coffee on 12th St., and Off The Wall, which has been bringing laughs for several years at the Ziegfeld Theater on Washington Boulevard.

Theater: If theater is more your style, then check out Peery’s Egyptian Theater downtown or the Washington Terrace Plaza Playhouse. Both venues feature plays, musicals and variety shows and have become pillars of the Ogden cultural experience.

Last chance to splash: An absolute top priority before summer weather fades is to head to Classic Water Park on Riverdale Road. OK, it’s not the same quality as Seven Peaks, but that’s just the point. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s a little dangerous, which makes it perfect for Ogden. Every single time I slide down one of their water slides, I feel as if my momentum is going to fling me over the side of the guard rail, or perhaps the screws will come loose and I will be thrown to my death. All of this makes it that much more of an exhilarating experience.

Nostalgia: All of you ’90s cinema fans will also want to check out Lorin Farr Swimming Pool, aka the pool where scenes from The Sandlot were filmed. From what I hear, Wendy Peffercorn still works there.

Gift shop: Want something even more unique? For those of you shoppers looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, check out Rainbow Gardens at the mouth of Ogden Canyon. This store has the absolutely most random assortment of treasures I have ever seen. You will find everything from Salt Lake Olympic memorabilia to tarot cards. Just in time for your grandmother’s birthday, Rainbow Gardens also has the world’s largest selection of inappropriate greeting cards. Get one for your loved one today!

Indie movies: Another well-kept secret of Ogden is the newly opened Art House Cinema 502 independent movie theater on 25th St. The theater only seats 28 people, guaranteeing an intimate movie-going experience. This is a great way to support alternative filmmaking while enjoying a fun and unique evening.

Not-so-fine dining: Honestly, I am no connoisseur of food. I can’t tell you what great restaurants to try, nor do I know of any phenomenal local eateries, but I do have a challenge for you. Before you graduate, eat at every single Chinese and Mexican restaurant on Washington Boulevard. As far as I know, no living soul has ever accomplished the feat. Any who do will forever have their name associated with nothing but all of the greatness and glory that is the city of Ogden.