Tuition raised for WSU students

Students will pay more in tuition, effective summer 2012, since the Utah Board of Regents approved a 5 percent tuition increase for Weber State University on Friday, March 30.

Resident students will pay an additional $188 per term, totaling $3,961 for tuition for the academic year.

The 5 percent increase includes a Tier 1 increase of 4.5 percent and a Tier 2 increase of 0.5 percent.

The Tier 1 rise is set by the Board of Regents, which determines tuition costs for all Utah state universities each year, taking into consideration inflation, previous cuts from legislative funding and other university needs.

According to William Sederburg, Utah’s commissioner of higher education, this boost is the lowest total increase of tuition for state universities in more than a decade.

WSU requested the Tier 2 increase, which, according to Norm Tarbox, vice president of administrative services, will go to WSU’s IT Division expansion to support the ever-growing demands of wireless, mobile applications and infrastructure expansion.