Finding your people


Kennedy Camarena

Rayshaun Baker-Lynch, assistant section editor on the sports desk at The Signpost.

I’m originally from California, so moving to Utah was a real culture shock. My whole life, I’ve never lived in snow. California pretty much has one season and the saying “The sun is always shining” is pretty much true. In Utah, you get to experience all four seasons.

Spending four years out here in Utah with no family, you have to find your people. I did that when I joined The Signpost. Even though I have friends on campus outside of The Signpost, the friends I have within it feel like family. Every incoming or current student at Weber State that is not from Utah, I think you should know that once you find people you connect with, you won’t feel that alone.

Finding people that you share interests with is the first step to making long-life friends. I want to thank Emily Miller and Simon Mortensen personally for welcoming me into The Signpost when I first joined. Without them, I don’t know how my experience would have been, but they made it fun and memorable.

Emily, I will remember the games we attended on our trips to Weinersnitchelz. Simon, what I will remember the most is experiencing NBA All-Star Weekend with you and seeing Mac McClung go crazy in the dunk contest. I would also like to thank everyone I worked with at the Signpost that welcomed me and made it feel like home.

Lastly, I would like to thank our professor Jean Norman for pushing me to do things outside my comfort zone and opening a whole new world. When we went to the National Association of Black Journalists conference, it was one of the most exhilarating times of my life. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and won’t take it for granted. I can’t wait to work with you this summer.