A passion for photography

Waterfall at The Road to Hana in Maui.

With the absolute adoration of my older sister, Kristen, I decided to do everything she did. Our school struggled to find enough classes for all the incoming students, so I had a few holes in my schedule. As my counselor went through the options with us, my sister noticed that there was open space in the advanced photography class.

I hadn’t taken the basic class, so I could only be in it if I had special permission from the teacher. Kristen took my hand and marched me upstairs to the photography teacher, Mr. Durka (who she had several classes with). What started with a simple request from him ended with both of us on our knees, pleading for him to let me in. Durka, being the softy he is, agreed.

My head spun with something I had never felt before: passion. I picked up the basics in no time, and then everything changed. I spent time outside of class teaching myself how to use a camera and finding my style. I started to view the world as how it would look through the viewfinder of a camera.

It was almost like having a relationship. Everything was so exciting at first; I never knew what to expect, but I always wanted to spend time taking photos and learning more about the art. And that grew into a deep eternal love for photography.

Weber State University offers a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography. There is a range of classes you can take to improve your photo skills, including foundations of photography in color/digital and foundations of photography in black and white/analog.

Weber State offers other classes that have the potential to help you improve your technique, or learn about studio lighting. Weber State has perks for photography students, including photo printers and an on campus studio.

Another way to work on your photography skills is by joining us at The Signpost. This will give you the photojournalist experience. Weber State is a great place for everyone interested in learning more about photography.