News Quiz 3/28



A portrait taken of Louise Glück. The former poet laureate and Nobel Prize winner will be speaking at WSU on March 30.


1. What new graduate program did Weber State University launch in January?
A. Respiratory Therapy
B. Physician Assistant
C. Social Work
D. Data Science

2. What local Ogden restaurant did Weber State partner with to raise money for WSU’s Opportunitad scholarship?
A. Hug-Hes Cafe
B. Jake’s Over the Top
C. Sonora Grill
D. Virg’s

3. What Nobel Prize-winning poet is coming to Weber State on March 30 as part of the National Undergraduate Literature Conference?
A. Abdulrazak Gurnah
B. Kazuo Ishiguro
C. Alice Munro
D. Louise Glück

4. On International Women’s Day, three of WSU’s female deans shared their thoughts and experiences on inspiring women in leadership. How many of the eight deans at WSU are women?
A. Seven
B. Three
C. Five
D. Four




1. The correct answer is B, Physician Assistant. According to Fox 13 Weber State University launched its new Physician Assistant program. With this addition, WSU now offers 20 graduate programs. This degree enables students to apply for national board certification to help fill the physician shortage around the nation.

2. The correct answer is C, Sonora Grill. According to Standard Examiner, WSU partnered with Sonora Grill to raise money for WSU’s Opportunidad Scholarship. This scholarship is geared toward low-income, first-generation and undocumented students who don’t qualify for federal aid, grants or loans. It’s the 10th annual installment of the initiative, which has raised nearly $200,000 since its launch.

3. The correct answer D, Louise Glück. According to Standard Examiner, Glück won the Nobel Prize in 2020 will be on the WSU Ogden campus on March 30, when she will give an onstage interview, and then on March 31 to give a reading at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference.

4. The answer is A, Seven. According to Deseret News, seven of the eight WSU deans are women and according to a 2022 Utah State University study found that the rate of female principals is lower in Utah than the national average. On International Women’s Day three of WSU’s female deans shared their experiences to inspire women in leadership.