Police Blotter 2/9

A successful decoy
On the morning of Jan. 28 at approximately 10 a.m., a WSUPD officer responded to a report that a coyote had been spotted on the soccer field adjacent to the Swenson Gym. Upon arrival, the officer saw that the supposed coyote was actually a decoy commonly used by the university to keep wildlife away from the field.

Getting out of hand
At around 10 p.m. on Jan. 30, WSUPD was advised that a door had been severely damaged in Residence Hall 1 at Wildcat Village. While reviewing security camera footage in order to try and find out more about the damaged door, the responding WSU officer noticed a resident possibly consuming alcoholic beverages with a knife concealed in his waistband. Through further investigation, it was found that residents from multiple nearby dorm rooms were throwing a party in one of the dorm rooms, and that alcohol was present. The whole door will have to be replaced.

Ice Sheet slip-up
WSUPD was dispatched to the Ice Sheet in regard to a traumatic injury that occurred on Jan. 31. A hockey player hit her face against another player and had a large laceration across her nose. As she was being attended by Ice Sheet staff, officers cleared the front parking lot area for medical personnel. She refused transport and there was no further action needed on behalf of WSUPD.

Out of order
WSUPD responded to a call advising of a student stuck in an elevator located at Stewart Wasatch. After being unable to open the inside doors of the elevator, a fire marshal shut the power off to the elevator and turned it back on, causing the elevator to restart and the doors to unjam.

Let’s get crackin’
A WSUPD officer responded to a found property call in which a WSU custodian located a “crack” pipe while cleaning one of the WSU buildings on Feb. 1. The building was closed by the time the item was found. There is no suspect information and no cameras show the area involved. The item was seized and booked at the WSU police department for destruction.

Red handed
A WSUPD officer was conducting an extra patrol on foot in a dorm building within WSU on Feb. 2. While on patrol, the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from a dorm room. The officer’s investigation found a personal use amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. WSU housing staff arrived on the scene, the offender was verbally warned and the substance was seized for destruction.

Get a room!
While on patrol in University Village, WSUPD noticed a vehicle had its tail lights on in a parking stall on Feb. 2. As the officer approached the vehicle, they noticed a female laying on top of a male who was reclined in the driver seat. The female had minimal clothing on and the male was fully dressed. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer asked both parties for identification and asked the male to step out of the vehicle. The officer then asked both parties separately if the acts were consensual, to which they both confirmed it was. They were prompted by the officer to find a more private place for such activities.

WSUPD announcement
The WSUPD would like to remind all individuals driving on campus to be mindful and vigilant. Driving in the OGX bus lane is prohibited, as it is a safety hazard. Also, using campus parking lots must be done with caution and the known risk of being around other student drivers. If something does happen, such as a vehicle collision, contact WSUPD and communicate with the other person involved.