Mushrooms, beets and squash, oh my: Ogden’s winter farmers market

The crowd inside of the Union Station for the variety of vendors that were at the Ogden Farmers Market.

Not even the cold winter weather can get the best of Farmers Market Ogden as they kicked off the new Winter Market season on Jan. 28 with a variety of local vendors and artisans, food trucks, community yoga, live music and highlighted artwork by some of Ogden’s own artists.

The current winter season lasts from Jan. 28 to Feb. 25 and is located inside of the Union Station with food truck options parked outside the entrance running from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Despite the recent dropping temperatures, current in-season produce can still be found throughout the indoor booths such as mushrooms, beets, winter squash, etc. Other commonly-found winter goods, such as salsas, fresh-baked pastries and breads, canned goods and so many other homemade goodies created by local vendors and small businesses around Ogden, can be found on display at the variety of booths located at the market.

Beginning in 2000, Farmers Market Ogden has taken place every Saturday throughout the fall, winter and summer seasons for over two decades, and continues to take place down either Historic 25th Street or lining the rooms of the Union Station, depending on the seasons.

Farmers Market Ogden has an open registration for vendors to apply to have a booth in the area, giving many different vendors the opportunity to apply to have their products on display for people to come and discover for themselves during the market season.

Providing an already excellent sense of community, the market brings shoppers, artists, vendors and small businesses alike to support each other during the event. There are new booths, live music and performers to discover each weekend, guaranteeing something new to explore or possibly even your go-tos.

With fresh produce, baked goods, many different food truck options, live music, handcrafted jewelry and other artwork, there is no shortage of things for people to come out and enjoy throughout the Saturday morning markets.