News Quiz 12/6

The USA went against the Netherlands in the World Cup on Saturday in the hosting country of Qatar.

1. What did former U.S. President Donald Trump recently say should be done with the U.S. Constitution?
A. Rewrite it
B. Display it better
C. Terminate it
D. Send it to the European Union for an example

2. What was the final score of the United States’ World Cup game against the Netherlands?
A. 3–1 Netherlands win
B. 3–3 draw
C. 2–0 U.S. win
D. 4–2 Netherlands win

3. Utah issued a weather related warning this week for the first time this year, what was the warning?
A. Earthquake
B. Tsunami
C. Flood
D. Avalanche

4. Conflicting reports have surfaced claiming that a controversial Iranian government department was abolished, later to be dismissed by government officials. What was this department?
A. Tax Revenue Services
B. Morality Police
C. Central Intelligence Agency
D. Wal-Mart

1. The answer is C, Terminate it. According to BBC News, Former President Donald Trump said that the United States Constitution should be terminated. In the same address, he claimed that big tech companies colluded with the Democratic Party to sway the results of the most recent election. The Democratic Party’s response was that his claims are fraudulent and he is spreading misinformation.

2. The answer is A, 3–1 Netherlands win. According to the National Public Radio organization, the Netherlands defeated the United States in the World Cup three goals to one. Experts point to the U.S. team’s inability to capitalize on their scoring opportunities as a main reason for defeat. This officially eliminated the United States from the World Cup competition.

3. The answer is D, Avalanche. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah issued its first avalanche warning of the year due to the recent snow storms coming through the valley. This happens at the start of Avalanche Awareness Week, bringing attention to the dangers of avalanches. More warnings and updates can be found at

4. The answer is B, Morality Police. According to CNN, Reports came out that the morality police had been abolished, but since then the claims have been downplayed and dismissed. Iran, however, is looking at changing the law that forces women to wear hijabs in public. The morality police first came under scrutiny following the death and abuse of 22 year-old Mahsa Amini in Iran.