News Quiz 11/21


1. A gunman opened fire at Club Q, a gay nightclub, this past weekend. Where was the nightclub located?
A. Colorado
B. Florida
C. Maryland
D. Oklahoma

2. Donald Trump has announced he is running for President in which election year?
A. 2028
B. 2023
C. 2258
D. 2024

3. Bob Iger was recently reinstated as the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, following an administrative shakeup at the company. Who is he succeeding as CEO?
A. Michael Eisner
B. Josh D’Amaro
C. Bob Chapek
D. Kevin Feige

4. The new Taylor Swift concert tickets rocked the world, as supply and demand for the tickets reached highs and lows. What ticket service is currently being investigated by the Justice Department for its mishandle of the situation?
A. StubHub
B. Ticketmaster
C. Vividseat
D. Eventbrite

1. The answer is A, Colorado Springs. According to NBC News, Club Q has been open and operating for 20 years and on Nov. 19 a dozen people were injured and five were killed during the mass shooting carried out by suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich. Police Chief Adrian Vasquez praised at least two heroic individuals who prevented the shooting from escalating further. The shooter is currently facing murder charges and Colorado Police are still investigating it as a hate crime.

2. The answer is D, 2024. According to NPR, former President Donald Trump announced his bid for a 2024 presidential run on Nov. 15. The Republican Presidential nominee is still unknown and it is unclear if any other candidates will step up to challenge Trump. Also unknown is how the January 6 committee’s subpoena and testimony of Trump will affect his chances at obtaining the Presidency.

3. The answer is C, Bob Iger. According to Variety, Iger has been reinstated as the CEO of Disney, replacing Bob Chapek. Iger had previously stepped down as Disney’s CEO in February 2020, leaving the company in turmoil. In response to Iger’s reinstatement, Disney stock jumped 8% in pre-market trading early morning on Nov. 21.

4. The answer is B, Ticketmaster. According to the New York Times, Ticketmaster was slammed last week as Taylor Swift concert tickets went on sale. As a result, Ticketmaster’s parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, is being investigated for its poor handling of the Taylor Swift ticket fiasco. Because of this, it goes beyond normal supply and demand of concert tickets that consumers normally face. What the Justice Department is looking for specifically is antitrust concerns in terms of this recent issue.