A striking night for school spirit

A fall colored selection of bowling balls to fit the falliday season.

With Thanksgiving break quickly approaching, the Wildcat Lanes hosted a fun night of bowling, pool and other games on Nov. 16. Students and community members were able to come together for strikes, spares and school spirit.

Many of those in attendance were taking a crack at billiards, while others were setting up friendly yet competitive games of bowling. In between games, the food table found itself popular with the crowd. A selection of burger sliders and potato wedges with multiple toppings were stocked all night with hot and ready to serve finger foods.

In the sport of bowling, the term “turkey” is used to refer to three strikes in a row. A few skilled bowlers were close to getting perfect scores, but try as they might, no bowlers from the night had any luck securing the coveted turkey. It looks like everyone will just have to wait until their Thanksgiving meals to get their turkey.

As cheerful groups filled the bowling alley, the billiards room held a much more serious tone.

The event was the perfect way for students to gather and burn off steam before the upcoming finals week. It got many people involved and interested in trying new activities around campus.

A lot of people are trying new skills and pushing themselves to branch out of their comfort zones. As games ended, new personal scores were achieved, as well as personal lows, but everyone who was in attendance left with memories and new experiences to tell around the dinner table on Thanksgiving.