Police Blotter Sept. 24

Joshua Kamp

Photo credit: Pixabay

Only an overflow

Weber State University officers were made aware of possible criminal mischief at the Stewart Center at Davis campus on Sept. 20. An employee noticed a bathroom sink drain that had been stopped with the faucet left running. Police looked at security camera footage but were unable to identify a suspect.

Is that smoke?

An employee from the Stewart Center asked officers to review security camera footage from the third floor of building D2. After multiple past reports of the floor smelling like cigarette smoke, the complainant wanted officers to check the floor for people around 8 a.m. on Sept. 17. The officer found no indication of anyone smoking or any other suspicious activity in the footage.

More marijuana

A WSU officer was dispatched to Building 5 at University Village around 6:10 p.m. on Sept. 18 after resident assistants reported the smell of marijuana. The officer was unable to determine which apartment the smell was coming from but noted that the smell was stronger in the south end of the hallway. RAs were advised to call if there was still an odor later during their nightly rounds.

“A white man… NO!”

A white male was seen by an officer on the evening of Sept. 18 around 5:20 p.m., “looking very out of place.” The officer observed him pointing toward the mountains and speaking to himself. The officer made contact and the man gave his name, saying he was “not living anywhere” and was just traveling. The officer advised that there would be a lot of activity at the university for the football game and that the man should probably head elsewhere.

Defendant and plaintiff sitting in a van

WSU officers conducted a premises check at Davis campus on Sept. 18 around 3:45 a.m. and found a dark-colored van in the parking lot in which two people were sleeping. After a records check, the officer found a jail release agreement protective order, in which one of the individuals inside the van was a defendant, and the other was a plaintiff. The two being in direct contact with each other in the same vehicle was a clear violation of the order as it requires no contact or communication between the two parties. The defendant of the order was placed under arrest and taken to the Davis County jail.

False alarm

Officers responded to unknown trouble at the engineering and technology building on Sept. 15. About six emergency calls came from the elevator in the building with no one inside the elevator responding. Workers at the site said there was no emergency and they would disconnect the phone lines to the elevator until their work was complete.

Animal relocation

Campus Facilities Management granted permission to the Wasatch Domestic Waterfowl Resource group to gather ducks on campus on Sept. 15. An officer explained that the group was taking away some injured ducks near the pond area to a safe place.