Ogden City joins the arts

Madeline Thorpe

Union Station hosting the Ogden Arts Festiva Photo credit: Madeline Thorpe

Art enthusiasts and new fans alike lined up outside the entrance of Ogden’s Art Festival on June 8 in appreciation of local artists in the community.

Every summer for the past 15 years, local artists come to the Historic 25th Street Union Station to display their talents and creations.

Local festival volunteer and chemistry teacher Debbie Titmus finds joy and fulfillment in her admiration of the festival.

“It is important to get the people out together enjoying the art that surrounds them in their everyday lives,” Titmus said. “It is so easy to look past so much beauty and miss out on the artistic embodiment of a community.”

As a chemistry teacher, Titmus encourages her students to find art even in the most scientific and structured forms of life.

Festival Attendees appreciating booths at the Ogden City Arts Festival Photo credit: Madeline Thorpe

“The Union Station itself is a piece of art. I believe it is so fitting to have the event here. Even the drinking fountain is beautiful enough to be part of the exhibit,” Titmus said.

Outside the Union Station, local artists’ pieces were displayed, while live art was being created in front of the crowd’s eyes.

“There is not one type of art that fits all,” said London Humphrey, an Ogden resident. “This festival does a great job of including every diverse form of art.”

Festival Director Amir Jackson made an intentional effort to include diverse and creative forms of music, ranging from jazz trios to folk bands.

The festival not only hosted musicians, but actors, graffiti muralists, sculptors and everything in between, including metalsmith jewelers.

Youth French lessons at the Ogden City Arts Festival Photo credit: Madeline Thorpe

Deborah Hutcheson grew up learning the technical fine art of metalsmith from knowledge passed down by her father.

He taught her generations worth of the history and perfection of the skill. Hutcheson took the talent passed down to her and added her own unique touch by creating gender-neutral jewelry.

“As an artist, I find such an importance in community art events,” Hutcheson said. “Not to make sales, but for the human interaction. I love meeting my customers face to face and being able to engage with the community.”

Hutcheson found value in being able to receive feedback from passerby at the festival as well as having an opportunity to connect with others. Most of her clientele don’t frequently shop online; therefore, it is important to have in-person interaction.

“So much of my inspiration comes from conversations and relationships,” Hutcheson said. “I spend most of my time alone in my workshop, like many other artists. It is always so refreshing to join the world all while appreciating my passion.”

The focus of the festival is to grow art, enhance the way people view art and open the definition of what an artist is.

According to Titmus, the festival motto is “join the art.”

The event does exactly that, joining artists, community and a vast variety of art for one colorful weekend.