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Artworks by B.J. Jensen and Roberta Glidden, as well as many others, are displayed. Photo credit: Hannah Moore

A tour of local art

Lexie Andrew April 6, 2022

The First Friday Art Stroll is a time for Ogden artists to shine. On the first Friday of every month, artists from the community come together to showcase their art and gain recognition. Each...

How a pandemic affects Ogdens Historic 25th Street

How a pandemic affects Ogden’s Historic 25th Street

Adam Rubin April 20, 2020

Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden looks a lot like an old-fashioned Main Street, U.S.A., with locally-owned shops lining both sides of the street and business owners watching out for one another when...

The best cultural spots in Ogden

The best cultural spots in Ogden

Daryn Steed January 11, 2020

Let’s set the scene: It’s January. The magical glow of winter has worn off, and the snow is muddied and yellow. Classes have begun again, and you’re perpetually tired. You’re in...

A sign for Utahs Own, an organization dedicated to educating Utahns about locally-sourced food options, hangs in front of the booth of Grammys Fruits-N-Produce. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

Farmers Market Ogden opens for summer season

Weston Lee June 24, 2019

The Ogden Downtown Alliance is holding the weekly Farmers Market on Historic 25th Street Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., June 22 to September 14.Spanning three full blocks, participating vendors offer...

Union Station hosting the Ogden Arts Festiva Photo credit: Madeline Thorpe

Ogden City joins the arts

Madeline Thorpe June 10, 2019

Art enthusiasts and new fans alike lined up outside the entrance of Ogden’s Art Festival on June 8 in appreciation of local artists in the community. Every summer for the past 15 years, local artists...

25th Street lights the dark from homesickness

25th Street lights the dark from homesickness

Isabella Torres April 3, 2019

In Las Vegas, my hometown, constant noise was the norm. I slept with my windows open, constantly comforted by the sounds of other people driving, moving, living. I get anxious when I’m surrounded...

The Corner is located at the corner of Washington and 25th Street (Courtesy of Ogden City)

The Corner store opens in Downtown Ogden

Landin Griffith January 24, 2019

Historic 25th Street welcomed The Corner, a resource and information center in Downtown Ogden, in October 2018. This latest business to find homage in downtown Ogden is located on the corner of 25th Street...

Urban Legends of Ogden: Brewskis

Urban Legends of Ogden: Brewskis

Tyler Hoffman December 2, 2015

Referred to as the "Cheers" of Ogden, Brewskis sits in the middle of Historic 25th Street; where people start or end their nights. Brewskis has been in business for over 20 years. Originally, it...

Urban Legends of Ogden: Kokomo Club

Tyler Hoffman October 31, 2015

A landmark to Historic 25th street, the Kokomo Club has been open for over 50 years and is run by Ed and Cindy Simone. Serving basic drinks and beer at low prices, this cash-only bar has a solid presence...

Urban Legends of Ogden: BarrelHouse

Tyler Hoffman October 28, 2015

Rumored murders, parties and a rich history surround the BarrelHouse, located inside the Berthana. Formerly known as the Century Club, the BarrelHouse offers craft burgers and craft beer for you and...

Urban legends of Ogden: Alleged

Tyler Hoffman October 25, 2015

The C.C. Keller building located on Historic 25th Street and Lincoln Avenue was purchased in 2011 by brothers Michael and Jared Allen. It has been the home of the famous Rose Room Brothel, the Dangerous...

Original play explores dating in the age of social media

September 4, 2014

Good Company Theatre’s new play “The Waiters” looks at the effects of technology on modern relationships. Directed by Weber State University senior Trent Cox, the play follows three couples on...

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