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Urban Legends of Ogden: Brewskis

(Tyler Hoffman/ The Signpost)
East side of Brewskis. View from the front looking back. (Tyler Hoffman/ The Signpost)

Referred to as the “Cheers” of Ogden, Brewskis sits in the middle of Historic 25th Street; where people start or end their nights.

Brewskis has been in business for over 20 years. Originally, it only occupied one side of the building complex, but over time the owner Heidi Harwood acquired the space formally known as Karen’s Café, and the west side formally known as Beatnik’s.

The center of Brewskis is an area for live shows, typically on Friday and Saturday nights. The west and east sides are both bar areas, where you can get just about anything you want. “Everyone needs to come and try the T-Bone Shot. It’s like a rite of passage,”  said Casey Chambers, Brewskis bartender and WSU student.

Brewskis used to be the European Hotel. As a result from a fire, the upper floor of the hotel no longer exists. Since the hotel’s closing, the place has been renovated into many things, but as long as most can remember, it has been a bar.

Underneath the building were rooms for storage from early bootleggers. Several claim the basement is haunted and one employee fears this area of the building. “I don’t go downstairs at all; I won’t got alone,” said Dalanie Van Camp.

Brewskis has several other unique qualities about it, one of them is the lighting. “The bar is completely lit with neon signs, no overhead lights,” said bar patron of 20 yeas, Chris Burson.

Brewskis has also been the filming site for several movies; including one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s first movies, the television show, “Everwood” and the recent and local hit show, “Blood and Oil.”

“They came in took everything out and moved it next door to the empty space. We were shut down for three days so they could film in here for “Blood and Oil”; wonderful people to work with,”  said Warwood.

Many have come through Brewskis, including Weber State’s Damian Lillard. “This is his home, this is old stomping ground, he loves to come visit and say hi to everyone,” said Chambers. “We’ve even had John Stockton in here just to enjoy a basketball game.”

Brewskis has multiple entrances to it. Like many of the other bars in the area, it is located in the parking lot area of a hotel, which makes it possible for patrons to have a place to sleep if they drink too much.

One of their notable drinks is the T-Bone Shot, reserved for individuals celebrating their twenty-first birthday. In addition to other special shots, each bartender has their own special drink. However, when asked, they refused to divulge their secrets.



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