Urban Legends of Ogden: Kokomo Club

Tyler Hoffman

A landmark to Historic 25th street, the Kokomo Club has been open for over 50 years and is run by Ed and Cindy Simone. Serving basic drinks and beer at low prices, this cash-only bar has a solid presence and reputation in Ogden.

Many places along Historic 25th street have changed hands multiple times over the years, creating some interesting history. The Kokomo Club is one of the oldest—if not the oldest—businesess along Historic 25th Street. However, it wasn’t always the Kokomo Club.

“Before this place became the Kokomo Club, it was a barber school, a laundry mat and the city lunch building,” said Sherry Bass, bartender with the Kokomo Club for over 30 years.

During the time of the Kokomo Club, it has seen its share of wild events.

“When I was 21, this place was rough. People just didn’t come down here like they do now,” said Lisa Hodson, who has been a bartender for the Kokomo Club for six years. While people sometimes get a little wild at the club, the staff quickly responds to maintain peace.

“I don’t go to their house and fight. They’re certainly not going to fight in my house,” said Simone.

The most impactful story about the Kokomo Club doesn’t come from tales of bank robbers or underground tunnels, but from the charitable work done by Simone for the homeless people of Ogden.

“I bring them in, give them something to eat, find them some clothes and get them on their way,” said Simone. “If you could see my basement, it is full of items donated to help people. We have coats, canned food, feminine products and more.”

The Kokomo Club stands out as a business that welcomes anyone old enough to enter the bar. “As long as you’re 21, come on in,” said Simone.

They work hard to take care of customers and those in need. Recently, the Kokomo Club hosted an event and raised around $5,000 to be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Simone works all year to give back to the community by collecting basic items people need and handing them out. Last year, the Kokomo Club started a new tradition of feeding the homeless on Christmas Eve.

“We had a line all the way up the street and we were feeding them and had people fitting them with warm coats and handing them bags with basic needed items,” said Simone.

The Kokomo Club plans to do it again this year and already has several businesses donating items.

“We have cheap drinks, come in here get your glow, then visit the rest of 25th street,” said Hodson. They are open 7 days a week from 9 to 2 am. Customers are able to purchase alcohol from 10 to 1 am; closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas.