How Wildcats can stay wealthy and wise

Ashlynd Greenwood

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When it comes to college, money can be sparse, and students may be familiar with looking at their bank accounts and finding it in the double, if not single, digits.

However, Weber State University offers several opportunities outside of typical scholarships and financial aid that help keep students financially afloat throughout their education.

One way to make money on campus is through tuition stipends at different organizations. Programs such as WSU Student Association, Center for Community Engaged Learning, the Women’s Center, AmeriCorps and other clubs typically offer compensation for those working in their ranks.

CCEL, which is located in the Shepherd Union building, offers up to six scholarships which can be humanitarian, social justice and democratic engagement based.

Students in CCEL can also make money by partnering up with AmeriCorps, where they can perform community service in exchange for an education award. According to their official website, 300 hours in one year can equal roughly $2,000.

The Women’s Center offers 11 scholarships to women, mothers and nontraditional students on campus. Applications for their 2019-20 fund must be submitted online through the WSU scholarship application link located in the student eWeber portal.

“Through working with the Women’s Center, I have received so much financial and emotional support. They are willing to help you with your homework, and provide a safe space to make friends, and feel uplifted to do well in school,” student Sophia Alba said. “There are options for tutors, and also so many scholarships to choose from if you are a woman or non-trad student.”

Students involved in WSUSA can also receive scholarships and stipends for working in student government. Those interested can opt to join one of the 60 available spots in the service, activities and leadership teams as well as the diversity and unity board.

“I love that I’ve had the opportunity here at Weber to not only have some really great tuition prices, but also the opportunity to get tuition stipends by working through WSUSA,” freshman Savannah Lowe said. “There are so many out there and it’s nice to know that the school wants you to succeed.”

Despite the wide array of clubs and organizations on campus that offer tuition stipends, there are still countless other opportunities for making money on campus. For more information, visit