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New Love was released in October of 2015 and is an album for those who enjoy indie and pop music.

“New Love” offers new experience

Emilee Atkinson January 30, 2016

Kickstarter is a fairly well-known site. Posts on the site go viral all the time, but have you ever wondered what would happen if you became famous because of your Kickstarter? Allison Weiss gleaned...

Supergroup releases new album

Supergroup releases new album

Emilee Atkinson January 25, 2016

A supergroup is a band whose members are already successful artists as a solo act or another band. The term is mostly used in rock and pop groups, and has been around since the 1960's. The band Cream...

Reaching for the Moon is Pete RGs latest work. He wrapped up the tour for the album in November.

Pete RG returns with another hit

Emilee Atkinson January 15, 2016

"Cover your cries, cover your cracks, devil's inside, devil's unsaid but I'm still here," Pete RG serenades listeners with his most popular song "Still Here." After the success of the album that features...

Motion City Soundtrack's unique use of the moog

Emilee Atkinson October 28, 2015

Motion City Soundrack is a band that's been around the block. Formed in 1997, the group has seen members come and go and has released six albums, including their latest work "Panic Stations." Hailing...

Moose Blood stays true to unique '90s vibes

July 13, 2015

Moose Blood, a foursome from Canterbury, England, identifies itself on Facebook as an "emo" group. United by their love for the genre from the mid-90s, they make the sound distinctly their own. Their...

Failure "The Heart Is a Monster"

July 8, 2015

  "...and it's not fair." In 1996, Failure fell prey to zeitgeist. The alt-rock/grunge fad was ending, and their album from that year, "Fantastic Planet," a study in dynamic, pop-infused heavy rock...

'Pleasure to Meet You' meets SLC

June 15, 2015

Versatile and capable, Dead Sara has been climbing the rungs of popularity for some time now. Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl has even said, "Dead Sara should be the next biggest rock band in the world." The...

Why everyone should listen to Halestorm

June 8, 2015

It has "Nothing to do With Love." Halestorm is just amazing. Whether they are performing a hit song from the past or are playing a song from their new album, Halestorm never disappoints. With a heavy sound...

Torche offers a heavy listening experience

April 7, 2015

For many metal fans—myself included—the harder the music, the better. Hailing from Florida, the rock band Torche was formed in 2004, and they claim they are a band that is "playing the loudest...

KWCR: Modest Mouse fans rejoice

March 24, 2015

Alternative rock group Modest Mouse was formed in 1993, and over the last decade, they have become a staple for the genre. With the release of their second album in 1997, the band reached new heights...

KWCR Album Review: The Amazing 'Picture You'

February 10, 2015

The Swedish group The Amazing and their outspoken front man, Christoffer Gunrup, were able to do a lot with their latest work "Picture You." With everything from funk sounds to acoustic melodies, this...

KWCR Album Review: Milo Greene 'Control'

February 3, 2015

Old styles always have a way of coming back into fashion. Milo Greene brings back the '80s in his latest work. With their own style, the band fuses rock with pop elements as an homage to the unique decade. Many...

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