KWCR: Modest Mouse fans rejoice

"Strangers to Ourselves" offers listeners a wide variety of elements to listen to.
“Strangers to Ourselves” offers listeners a wide variety of elements to listen to.

Alternative rock group Modest Mouse was formed in 1993, and over the last decade, they have become a staple for the genre. With the release of their second album in 1997, the band reached new heights with a legion of fans. The band has had two Grammy nominations and has spent time on the Billboard Top 200 at number one.

Their newest album “Strangers to Ourselves” starts out with a slow, orchestral rhythm that listeners can ease into. The track is calming, making listeners look forward to what else is to come. The preceding song is very upbeat and includes rapping, giving listeners a variance in sound.

One thing listeners should note  is the band’s ability to seamlessly blend sounds of actual instruments with computer generated sounds.

“The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box” also offers listeners a unique experience. This track has a very funky almost disco beat to it. “Pups to Dust” is a great song for listeners to relate to on this album. The song states, “Our hearts don’t change from pups to dust,” and “Love does not cost money but is not free.” These lyrics are heartfelt and give listeners something they can relate to and enjoy.

Another track listeners should focus on is “Sugar Boats.” This song offers an amazing use of piano and orchestral instruments that also fuses great sounding guitar riffs. With such a dedicated fan base, those who already enjoy Modest Mouse can rejoice at this album and enjoy it in its entirety. Those who don’t normally listen to this type of music can find solace in hearing something new and refreshing.

Fans of Modest Mouse will also enjoy Spoon, Death Cab for Cutie and Silversun Pickups. This album warrants three stars out of five. Because there are so many elements to enjoy, fans of all types of music can begin to enjoy this group.