'Pleasure to Meet You' meets SLC

Versatile and capable, Dead Sara has been climbing the rungs of popularity for some time now. Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has even said, “Dead Sara should be the next biggest rock band in the world.”

The band’s latest album, “Pleasure to Meet You,” was released in March and will be the focal point of the band’s West Coast tour. Salt Lake City, on July 10 at In the Venue, is the first of nine stops on the tour, and the California rockers won’t hold anything back.

Emily Armstrong and Siouxsie Medley are the group’s dynamic duo. With Armstrong’s powerful and skilled vocals and Medley’s monster guitar riffs, Dead Sara is a supercharged group. Joined by Sean Friday and Chris Null, the four-piece band is electrifying.

“Pleasure to Meet You” has already had some success. The band has made two music videos with songs from the album and plays songs from previous tours with a good response.

Armstrong is excited for this West Coast tour. “I love being on the road,” she said.

Medley added, “The response has been great. It’s always really great to be in new cities with the new album, with people singing back. It’s great, and I’m excited to go out again.”

Because Salt Lake is the first stop on the short tour, fans can expect high energy. Medley and Armstrong also have high expectations from fans in Salt Lake.

“They’re crazy, and I like that,” Armstrong said. “It’s always a pleasure playing out there. It’s a good start.”

Salt Lake crowds have a good energy, she said. “They [the fans] don’t just stand around.”

When it came to writing the album, Medley and Armstrong said it’s more cohesive and connected than their previous self-titled album from 2012.

“We packed up all of our gear and went to a house in Malibu and dialed it in, and it was awesome,” Medley said. “It’s a whole new experience sitting in a house like it’s a studio.”

Medley commented that the group was looking for a different and new sound. “It was really hard but really fun,” she said.

“Pleasure to Meet You” is an 11-track album that has an old-time feel. Armstrong and Medley say that some of their favorites are “Radio One Two,” “For You I Am” and “Lovesick.”

This album, compared to their previous work, is more cohesive. “We’ve really come together as a team and as a band,” Medley said. “You can really tell how well we play together and how many years of touring we have under our belt that it’s more of an ‘us’ album.”

The writing process is different for many, but Armstrong talks about how, for them, just jamming out can result in something great.

“Somebody comes up with something, and we inspire each other by what we throw in,” she said. “It’s fun, you know?”

For this tour, Dead Sara is being joined by fellow rockers Lost in Society. The New Jersey-based group has a reputation that parallels punk acts like Rise against and Green Day, according to their website.

The two bands have a good relationship and will produce a great show. “We’ve known them for a bit,” Armstrong said. They are all great friends and are excited for the shows, Medley added.

Although the band hasn’t quite started rehearsing for the tour yet, Armstrong says that they may bring out some other songs that aren’t on their albums.

“We may throw in a few. We’ll see how it feels on the road. Nothing is set in stone yet, but it’s highly likely,” she said.