Moose Blood stays true to unique '90s vibes

“I’ll Keep You in Mind from Time to Time” is an album that follows a unique style from the 90’s

Moose Blood, a foursome from Canterbury, England, identifies itself on Facebook as an “emo” group. United by their love for the genre from the mid-90s, they make the sound distinctly their own. Their full-length debut album, “I’ll Keep You in Mind From Time to Time,” stays true to that sound.

Formed in 2012 by close friends Brewerton, Mark Osborne, Glenn Harvey and Kyle Todd, the band has released two EPs and this year is traveling around the country for Warped Tour. The tour coincides with the new album.

“I think there is a much more personal and honest feel to this record than on anything else we’ve done up to this point,” said Harvey, the group’s drummer.

The 11-track album is a journey that listeners can enjoy. With yearning lyrics and soft driving rhythms, Moose Blood creates a sound similar to the ’90s bands that inspired them, but it’s also a unique sound that brands them.

The album starts out in a slow and pensive ballad called “Cherry,” which leaves you feeling nostalgic. The song sounds like a mixture of something from The Cranberries and Death Cab for Cutie. This first track sets the mood for the rest of the album. It gives listeners an initial view into the passion and waves of emotion offered throughout the album.

Despite the throwback feel, “Cherry” is a song that young people can relate to. The short song talks about a love that was let go and the regret that comes with it. “She’s not mine, and she never will be. I’m reminded every day,” the song serenades.

Opposite of “Cherry” comes “I Hope You’re Missing Me.” This song offers more power and energy with heavier effects and rhythms, and as the vocalist intones, “Remember when you said you’d stay but you left in January?”

The album gets progressively louder and more energy builds. Still, the group stays true to the style they set out to create but is able to put their own spin on it and make it sound unique. Much like Weezer and Good Charlotte, the emo/alternative sound is felt throughout the album.

Those who don’t normally listen to this type of music may have to listen to the album a few times to start enjoying it. While the group is good at creating a unique sound, many of the same rhythms are used, making many of the tracks blend together. What helps when trying to listen to a new group like this is listening to the album with the lyrics in front of you. This way, you get to hear the subtleties in the lyrics, ultimately allowing certain tracks to stand out.

Fans of Moose Blood will also enjoy Sorority Noise, The Hotelier, Pity Sex and Nai Harvest & Dikembe. Overall, this album gets three out of five stars. It has a solid and distinct sound that includes strong and passionate vocals. Fans of the emo style that was popular in the 90’s will enjoy Moose Blood.