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Sports for the non-athlete student

Photo by Michelle Nelson
Photo by Michelle Nelson

Sports at Weber State University are not limited to the Athletics Department. In addition to Weber State Athletics, Campus Recreation and Club Sports also offer opportunities for students to play.

Campus Recreation, in the lower part of the Swenson Gym, runs and maintains the gyms, the fitness programs like yoga, the aquatics programs and intramural sports. Intramurals are teams composed of students, faculty, staff or community members. The sports available include basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, flag football, soccer and ultimate Frisbee.

Visit the Campus Recreation website for more information.

Club Sports offer a different level of athletics than campus recreation but don’t have as much financial support as teams in the athletic department. Club sports are run completely by students, advisor Morgan Fradley said.

Fradley helps students with schedules, including who they should play, practices, coaches and trainers, but the rest the students do themselves. Students are not the only ones invited to participate. Faculty, staff and community members can participate, but the club must be 80 percent student based.

In addition to handling the team themselves, players also have to find funding.

“Hockey is an expensive sport,”  Tim Potter, who plays on the rugby and hockey teams, said. “I don’t know that many students that can pay tuition and pay to play a sport they love.”

But teams aren’t entirely on their own, Fradley explained.

“Rec Clubs do receive a portion of student fees to help them with their club,” she said. Generally, the university requires the club to match the amount it receives from student fees. The Rec Club Council, which includes students as well as staff members, decides in the spring which sports will receive funding.

“Students determine what funding goes to students,” she said.

Among the club sports, there are three tiers: strictly recreational (intramural), competitive teams and competitive/recreational teams.

The sports offered for competitive and competitive/recreational teams are archery, baseball, billiards, bowling, climbing, cycling, hockey, men’s lacrosse, master’s swim, racquetball, rodeo, men’s rugby, snowboarding, men’s soccer, tennis, men’s volleyball, weightlifting and wrestling.

Competitive teams have tryouts, and the mixed teams have open walk-ons, but it is best to contact the club president via email to find out specific details for any given semester at WSU.


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