5 tips for spring cleaning

The season of spring is often accompanied by a desire to sweep away the winter melancholy and start something fresh. Spring cleaning is the perfect way to accomplish this. Here are some tips to get you started!

(Fred Matamoros/The News Tribune ( Tacoma, Wash.)/MCT)
(Fred Matamoros/The News Tribune (Tacoma, Washington)/MCT)

Open your closet

Go through your closet and get rid of any winter clothing you didn’t wear. If you didn’t wear it all season, you probably won’t wear it ever again. Set aside some time to catch up on your laundry. Lastly, wash or dry clean your winter coats so you can store them during the warmer months.

Tune up your backpack

Begin by emptying your entire backpack. Throw away any garbage, recycle any unneeded papers or used notebooks and file anything important. Check if you can sell or trade any of your textbooks. Restock anything that has run out and you will be all ready for the next semester.

Check your car

Take out anything you no longer need. Check your fluid levels, oil and tire pressure. Vacuum and clean your leather or upholstery. Winter weather can be rough on windshield wipers, so consider getting new ones. To corral the items in your trunk, use storage baskets or dividers.

Tidy up online

Even electronics can be a part of spring cleaning. Check for software updates and run virus scans. Back up all of your files on an external hard drive or other storage device. Look over your social media accounts, update your contact information or profile descriptions and consider using groups to control what followers and friends can see.

Lighten up

Remove all of your light shades, bulbs or globes. Rinse off or wipe down the removable fixtures and dust the fixed parts. When you turn your lights back on, you can be amazed by their brightness.

Finishing spring cleaning can be incredibly satisfying. So make your to-do list and get started!