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"A flourish and a spoil" honest and passionate

The Districts' latest album offers music to a wide variety of listeners.
The Districts’ latest album offers music to a wide variety of listeners.

Pennsylvania natives The Districts offer a great listen to fans with their latest work “A Flourish and a Spoil.” Driven by emotion and high energy, this album is great for any alternative or rock fan.

Formed in 2009, the band’s website said they are excited to share their new album with the world. The first thing listed on their website says, “We write honest music and are passionate about doing so.” Reading this after listening to “A Flourish and a Spoil,” I can tell the band definitely lives up to this idea. Upon beginning the album, I got a feeling the music was very well thought out. The band is able to produce a fun sound and honest lyrics.

The songs that stick out the most are “Suburban Smell,” “Bold” and “6 AM.” Two of these songs are acoustic, and while I am a huge fan of heavy rhythms produced by electric guitar, I think acoustic songs let the listener hear a different, more personal side of the artist. With acoustic music, more emotion is evoked, and when you can hear the lyrics, it’s very raw.

The track entitled “Bold,” however, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This is a very high energy, almost angry song. With a different tempo and a darker sound, the band does a great job of conveying their feelings.

The other thing about this album that is enjoyable is that the music doesn’t overshadow the vocals and vice versa. There is a great balance of tone with the guitar and drums. Personally, I enjoy when I can hear what a singer is saying, especially with The Districts’ interesting lyrics.

There isn’t much to dislike about this group, and the album isn’t hard to listen to all the way through. During the course of listening to this album, I didn’t feel compelled to skip any of the songs.

If The Districts is a band you enjoy, check out other artists like Pickwick, Hey Anna and The Futures League. This album can easily score a four out of five when it comes to ratings. This album can make you want to dance, want to sit and listen to the words in great detail and even pick up a guitar and play a soft melody.

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