Keep it sunny, Wildcats

(Source: Tribune News Services)
(Source: Tribune News Services)

Winter can be the worst. From the impermeable, gray cloud-cover to the bitter cold that bites at your skin, it’s easy to feel like winter in Utah is a nightmarish hellscape from which there is no return. Fortunately there are a few easy ways to keep things sunny when all you want to do is hide under your covers until spring break.

1. Exercise: Believe me, I know it’s tough to exercise in the dead of winter. Nobody wants to face the cold just to go to the gym, but it’s worth it. Regular exercise offers several different benefits: increased self-confidence, endorphins, and it actually helps you sleep at night. So bundle up and head over the Wildcat Center for a little exercise.

2. Vitamin D: Here in Northern Utah, the sun is mostly absent from December through March. Pretty much everyone along the Wasatch Front is lacking in Vitamin D, which can cause body aches, muscle weakness and feelings of depression. Luckily, Vitamin D supplements are available over the counter in any pharmacy. Regularly taking a supplement can go a long way towards feeling better despite the lack of sunlight.

3. Make a schedule, and stick to it: There’s something about winter that makes us want to spend days in bed, watching Netflix. When you feel that way it’s easy to let your responsibilities and relationships fall to the wayside. The best way to avoid this is to create a daily routine that includes time for homework, exercise and a good night’s sleep. Sticking to a routine that helps you feel good is the best way to combat all the worst parts of wintertime.

4. Make time for the people in your life: This one’s a no-brainer. Spending time with the people you love and care about will help you combat all the gloominess of January and February. Get together for a movie night, lunch or even just to catch up over the warm beverage of your choice.

January’s almost over, so we’re halfway through the worst part of the year. Take care of yourselves, keep up with your homework, and remember that nothing lasts forever.