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Viewpoint — Facebook changes? Deal with it

A humongous problem has arisen in the world of social networking. That problem is that Facebook has revamped its system, and the users are not happy.

Really, this problem is not a problem. People have just made it out to be the end of the world. It’s just the beginning of many changes to come. People need to move on with their lives and come to the realization that Facebook changing is not the end of the world, and is guaranteed to happen again.

The new Facebook trended on Twitter for days after the change, and almost every other post on Facebook was about how much people disliked the new system.

This is a new age of ever-changing technology. In the last seven years, there have been several versions of the iPod, two iPads, thousands of different cell phones, and the Internet has expanded its wonderful boundaries. The two iPads came out within two years of each other, it seems. The point is that there is a lot of technology out there that is continuously getting bigger and better.

People are ever accepting and excited about the new versions of the latest gizmos and gadgets. Everyone is gearing up for the iPhone 5’s new release right now and all the new bells and whistles it will entail. What is incomprehensible is that if all other companies are allowed to expand their technologies, why is Facebook not allowed to? If it had stayed the way it was seven years ago, it would have died like MySpace. Nobody would use it. Facebook would not be equivalent to the third-largest country in the world according to number of members. The original Facebook would be ancient.

Updating technology is part of the culture. People are to the point where they expect improvements. These improvements do entail change, and change does not sit well with many people. That would be why the improvements, also known as changes to Facebook, have caused such an uproar.

News flash: Facebook is not done changing yet. It’s still in its infant stages of life. It is a mere seven years old. Imagine a 7-year-old child staying exactly the same for the rest of his lifespan. If that were to happen, the body might still look the same, but the cuteness and novelty has long since worn off (like Myspace).

Changes are a part of life. If any one person thinks that Facebook is going to stop changing, they are wrong. Facebook will keep changing as it matures, and it is highly unlikely that Facebook is going to die. It has become a part of culture and a way of life.

In two weeks, people will have adapted to the change of Facebook and will log in with admiration of their home pages. They will love the updated version and will not comprehend how they ever got along without it.

Then, just when people get comfortable and have fully adapted to the new Facebook . . . BAM! It will change and update again. Then the rage will reoccur, and people will show their utter disdain for Facebook and its constant updates.

Disgruntled Facebook users should stop complaining and move on. Users can adapt themselves to the mild inconvenience the free social networking site has thrown their way and keep on trucking. Facebook is not going to go back to its old ways. It is not going to stop changing. It will continue to evolve so that it can survive and thrive.


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