92nd annual Mount Ogden hike

10-4 Mt. Ogden Hike (Ariana Berkemeier)  (10 of 13)
The stunning view from the halfway point of the hike. This sight made the hard work seem worth it. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)

On Oct. 4, 1922, over 350 students and faculty set off on the first Mount Ogden hike. Ninety-two years later, the tradition continues to kick off homecoming at Weber State.

Being my first year at Weber, and in Utah, I decided to give this hike a try. Each year, the Outdoor Program offers three trails for students to choose from: The eight mile hike up Snowbasin, the 10 mile hike up Taylor Canyon and the 12 mile hike via Beus Canyon. As I am a novice hiker, I choose to do the eight mile hike via Snowbasin.

As part of tradition, the Weber State flag is brought along the hike and placed at the saddle of Snowbasin. Having never been to Snowbasin before, you could say I was enthusiastic to do the hike.

Our group left the summit of the mountain on Saturday morning. Though it was a particularly cold and frosty morning, I was taken aback by the views of the mountain range. The hike to the saddle of Snowbasin was a long journey, but definitely worth it. As we reached to the saddle, I was rewarded with the breathtaking views of the canyon from down below.

To get in the spirit of homecoming, hikers gathered around the Weber State flag overlooking the mountain side while the Coordinator of Campus Recreation at the Outdoor Program, Daniel Turner, spoke about the history of the Mount Ogden hike. Following his speech, President Charles Wight, who joined us on the hike, gave a few words of wisdom to students and faculty.

10-4 Mt. Ogden Hike (Ariana Berkemeier)  (13 of 13)
Weber State’s president, Charles Wight, joined the students on the hike. He took some time to speak about the importance of continuing education. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)

To commence the beginning of homecoming week, WSUSA Student Leader Director of Campus Recreation, Teri Bladen, led us in the singing of the WSU Fight Song. After the chants of “Weber State, great, great, great!” hikers enjoyed a gondola ride back down to the summit lodge of Snowbasin.

Be sure to check out the Outdoor Program’s 11th annual gear swap and sale on Friday, Oct. 10 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Lower Bell Tower Plaza. Students can get incredible deals on used and new equipment, ranging from stand up paddle boards, snowshoes, ski and snowboard equipment to canoes and sleeping bags. I know I will be there.

10-4 Mt. Ogden Hike (Ariana Berkemeier)  (2 of 13)
This was the 92nd annual Mount Ogden hike. This year, there were about 100 participants. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
10-4 Mt. Ogden Hike (Ariana Berkemeier)  (11 of 13)
The hike took about two hours to reach the saddle of Snowbasin. Though everyone tired by the end of the trip, they were glad to have participated in this historical homecoming tradition. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
10-4 Mt. Ogden Hike (Ariana Berkemeier)  (8 of 13)
The Outdoor Program couldn’t have asked for a better day to hike up Snowbasin. Clear skies and beautiful trees changing colors made for a joyous hike up to the saddle. (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)