Sodexo expands on-campus dining options

(Photo by: Tony Post) A WSU student orders food at SubConnection. SubConnection is one of several dining options that are new to Sodexo this year.
(Photo by Tony Post) Dustin Peterson, a sophomore, orders food at SubConnection. SubConnection is one of several dining options new to Sodexo this year.

Sodexo, Weber State University’s dining services, introduced new dining locations this year. The dining area in the Shepherd Union Building now features two new restaurants — Lotza Luck and SubConnection — and the WSU Davis campus is now home to Quick Zone 3D and Sandella’s.

“We really tried to focus on healthy options appealing to a variety of diets and having some fun while doing it,” said Jessica Alford, director of operations for Sodexo.

Lotza Luck is one of the new dining options, with an ethnic menu featuring gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan items. After Hogi Yogi and Teriyaki Stix left last Spring, Sodexo was presented an opportunity to bring in ethnic food options.

“Sodexo felt that with the absence of Hogi Yogi and Teriyaki Stix, students would miss those foods,” said Terry Robinson, a Sodexo employee. “We tried to find a way to give them the same food, but better.”

Lotza Luck’s menu includes a variety of dishes. There are two types of rice, noodles, veggies and homemade spring rolls with a choice of several types of meat or tofu options. According to Alford, all of the food and sauces are made fresh at the Lotza Luck location in the Shepherd Union Atrium.

“We really wanted to create something that would appeal to a lot of people,” Alford said. “Lotza Luck provides flexibility and options for our vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian students.”

Lotza Luck is located in between Lotza Pizza, Pasta & Wings and Lotza Tacos in the Shepherd Union Building. Also new to the union building is SubConnection, a sub shop in the atrium next to Grill 155.

SubConnection features freshly made, customized sub sandwiches. The ingredients are made fresh every day and the menu features low-calorie sub sandwiches that are under 500 calories for a 6-inch sub.

“The SubConnection was a product we really spoke to a lot of students about,” Alford said. “It really is a great, fresh, healthy option.”

Robinson said she wishes more students knew these options are available.

“A lot of students are centered up by the science building, or by the stadium, or they are centered in another section, and they don’t get a chance to come,” Robinson said.

Sodexo also unveiled a new Quick Zone and a Sandella’s this year at the Davis campus. The recent Davis campus expansion allowed for an extension of dining services available there.

“We have everything in the convenience store,” Robinson said. “We have fresh-made sandwiches, freshly made yogurt, and then you can always grab and go.”

The Quick Zone at the Davis campus is called Quick Zone 3D, playing off of Quick Zone in the Shepherd Union Building and Quick Zone 2 at the Wasatch Resident Halls. The ‘D’ in Quick Zone 3D stands for “Davis.”

Quick Zone 3D will offer many of the options available at the other locations, including Simply to Go, a grab-and-go menu including salads, wraps and fruit cups.

The Davis campus will also be home to Sandella’s, a cafe that features flatbread as its primary menu item.

“Sandella’s is a national brand concept and all components on the menu include flatbread,” Alford said. “And the quality is phenomenal.”

Sodexo is all about giving students choices, Robinson said. She said the company is always looking for suggestions from students.

“You can tell them, ‘Hey, you know, we would really like meatloaf!’ and they will try and make it possible,” Robinson said.

Other dining options available at the Ogden campus include Grill 155, Jamba Juice, Starbucks and the Wildcat Room.