Finding food on campus

There are six microwaves located across campus available to students.

A hungry student is not a great student. Worrying about what to have for lunch is not something a student wants to worry about when they have papers and projects due.

There are fast food options near campus, but then students have to attempt to find parking once more. Weber State University has helped this by having different food options for students to choose from on campus.

Most student options are found on the second floor of the Shepherd Union building.

Students can go to Einstein Bros. Bagels to grab a quick breakfast or lunch. For a Mexican kick, students can eat at Tres Habanero, where there are burritos, tacos, nachos and more options available.

Waldo’s Cheesie Grill is for those who want a simple lunch, with just a sandwich. Union Sushi brings some Asian cuisine to Weber State with rice bowls and the students’ choice of meat.

The Den is a buffet-style meal. The menu changes creating a variety of food for the students to choose from each day. It’s perfect for those who don’t know what they are in the mood for.

Also found in the Union building is the 626 Marketplace. It’s the place to get a quick lunch or snack to munch on.

If students are in need of their daily caffeine to them through the day, Weber State also has Starbucks located in Tracy Hall.

Every penny counts for students in college. To save some money, students may bring lunches from home. The drawback to this is having a cold lunch. Weber State has, however, provided microwaves for students to use to heat up their food. There are six microwaves for any student to use around campus.

Two microwaves are located in the Shepherd Union building. One is located in the 626 Marketplace found on the south wall of the store. The second can be found in the cafeteria across from the Union Sushi restaurant, at the end of the row of booths.

Four more microwaves can be found in the Health Science building. Two can be found on the second floor at the top of the stairs in a small alcove area. The next two are in a small room with a vending machine to the left of the stairs on the third floor. There are signs to help guide students in the right directions.

There are more microwaves, however, they are reserved for members of certain clubs and organizations. More microwaves become available when a student joins a club or organization at Weber State.

With the variety of food options available at Weber State, students don’t have to worry about what they will do for lunch. Weber State covered the food options so students can focus on their schoolwork.