CIC offers students chances to volunteer

Weber State University’s Community Involvement Center offers opportunities for students to give back to the community.

The goal of the CIC is to “involve the students in the community in a way that’s mutually beneficial to our students, the university and the community,” said Mike Moon, assistant director of the CIC.

Students are matched with service and volunteer projects that fit their particular needs. Some volunteers are fulfilling course requirements that call for service hours, while others are trying to get involved with the community. CIC employees can help students find volunteer and service activities that are similar to things they already enjoy.

“When a student comes in and just wants to volunteer, (we ask) if there’s something you’re passionate about,” said Carla Jones, CIC office specialist. “Is there a demographic that you really enjoy working with — the elderly, young kids, animals? Do you like working outdoors? We try to assess what they are passionate about.”

The CIC has many volunteer opportunities that cater to different areas of interest.

“We have all kinds of different service projects through the CIC — working with the children, elderly, the environment, or stuff to do on campus,” said Madison LaMelle, Done in a Day chair. “Come up to CIC, look at their options, try a few out, see what they like best. There really is something for everybody.”

Jones echoed the sentiment that the CIC has service opportunities for everyone.

“There’s something for everyone to volunteer for to meet their needs, their passions and their time commitments.”

For LaMelle, the volunteer hours offered a way to get involved in school.

“Volunteering makes a world of difference,” she said. “My first two years of school, I didn’t get involved at all. I had a hard time enjoying school. This year I went on the Alternative Spring Break trip, and I wanted to get involved in service. You meet so many people, you have so many new experiences. I enjoy coming to school every day now. I encourage everyone to get involved in one way or another.”

Volunteering can also give students an advantage post-graduation.

“(Students who volunteer) not only graduate with a diploma, but a resume,” Moon said. “They are putting into practical use the information they are getting in the classroom. Students will find individuals in the community that they serve with and do well and can get letters of recommendation.”

The CIC is located on the second floor of the Shepherd Union Building.