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Viewpoint 2/29: Vote — it's kind of a big deal

We are sure you all have noticed the massive amounts of campaigning going on on campus. It is time to elect Weber State University Student Association leaders. We at The Signpost encourage everyone to vote for the representatives they feel will best represent the student body.

The purpose of the WSUSA is to give the students a voice, unite the students and make WSU a more enjoyable campus for students. Did you notice a theme? They are all about students and student life.

One of the jobs the student body president has is going to battle for the students in the faculty senate. The faculty senate gets together and makes big-time decisions for the university and all associated with it.

Our current student body president, Kyle Braithwaite, has done a fantastic job being the voice of the students. He has, on several occasions, pointed out to the faculty why certain things are not in the best interest for the students. He is a great support and will listen to any of your concerns. Braithwaite was a great choice for this year, WSU. Well done.

This year we have great candidates running for WSUSA. There are several executive positions: legislative VP, programming VP, Davis campus VP, service VP, clubs and organizations VP, diversity VP, leadership VP and the president. Each one of those positions somehow encompasses you and your interests. It is important to vote for whom will help you the most, go to battle for you, listen to your concerns and give you your voice on campus.

The students who we select should have a passion and love for WSU. They should want to spread that love to everyone. They should want to make a difference and help out the students. They should make the campus a fun place for students to hang out, not just to go to class and then go home. They should make WSU not “just Weber State” but WEBER STATE! Take five minutes out of your time today and tomorrow, if you haven’t already, and vote for WSU student representatives.

Not only is it important to vote for representatives on campus; it is also important to vote when it comes to city, county, state and country. Right now, there are a lot of political happenings and campaigning for this fall’s presidential election. We as a staff urge you to pay attention to everything that is happening. Pay attention to the candidates’ views, opinions and goals. Go back and look at all that President Barack Obama has done with his time in office and, if you vote for him, make sure that he is what you want for four more years. Research all the candidates and make sure they have your best interests in mind. We are the upcoming voting generation and our voices matter.

Don’t go into the national, local or WSU elections uneducated. Know the issues, know the goals, and then make an educated decision. It is crucial that you vote. Everything in your life is represented by the people you elect into office. They make the laws you abide by, establish the taxes you pay, fight against tuition raises you pay and decide what’s good for you. Make sure you vote and tell them what exactly it is that’s good for you. Voting is a right given to each of us to help keep our governments (including on campus) in check.

So, be educated, take the time and VOTE! Pay attention and VOTE!


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