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The good, the bad and the memorable

Dating can create many memories, some of which may be reflected on with fondness. Some of those memories may bring other feelings. A few Weber State University students shared some dating memories in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Jordanda Galvez said her worst date was in high school. Her date asked her out six months in advance.

 The day after he turned 16, he knocked on the front door to pick her up. The first thing he said was, “Can I use your bathroom?”

Because he’d just turned 16, his mother drove. Galvez said he didn’t say a word the entire time, so she talked with his mother for the next 30 minutes until they arrived at their destination.

When they arrived at their New Year’s party, her date used the bathroom again, leaving Galvez alone with a room full of strangers. Galvez said they played some games, which she says was alright, but her date still didn’t talk much.

Then her date disappeared. He came out of the bathroom 20 minutes later, and he was crying. He claimed he had soap in his eyes. Galvez said she still isn’t sure how he managed to get soap in his eyes.

As the group played more games, Galvez’s date said he didn’t feel well. He sat out the entire time. Galvez spent the evening with people she’d never met before.

When her date’s mother returned with the minivan to take them home, Galvez spent the returning 30 minute trip talking to her. The next time the date spoke was when they arrived at Galvez’s home, and he again asked to use the restroom.

“Alright, bye,” were the words he used to end the date.

Galvez said a second date, though he attempted it, didn’t happen.

Cody Manning said his worst date not only wasted his time, but an experience he’d been looking forward to.

Manning said his date wanted to go out the same night as a Brigham Young University football game. He said that since he is a huge BYU supporter, giving away his only ticket for the season was a big sacrifice.

The date consisted of dinner and a corn maze. Manning said his date didn’t talk to him the whole night because she was too busy texting.

Manning said the other couple on the date was holding hands and seemed to be having a lot of fun in the corn maze.

“My date ran off with them and left me behind in the dust,” Manning said. “She wasted my time and my BYU ticket, and BYU won that night. I missed it.”

There was not a second date.

Shelby Fotheringham explains that bad dates can still create fond memories.

Fotheringham attended her Senior Ball with her boyfriend and some close friends. One of the friend’s dates was a girl nobody else knew.

The group went to Some Dude’s Playground for its day activity. Fotheringham’s boyfriend noticed the new girl’s pants had ripped and asked Fotheringham to help her out.

“It was huge – right up the seam. Like, all the way. You could see her underwear and everything,” Fotheringham said.

They didn’t have anything to cover the ripped seam, so she and her friends tried telling embarrassing stories to make the new girl, who was crying at this point, feel better.

Before they left Some Dude’s Playground, Fotheringham’s boyfriend noticed his money was missing. He’d brought an envelope full of cash to use for the date.

They eventually found the envelope. It was empty.

Because nobody knew the new girl, nobody knew where she lived, either. Trying to find her house prior to the dance made them late. Fotheringham said she and her date were hungry and behind schedule.

To save time, Fotheringham suggested they go to Arby’s for dinner. She said her boyfriend had planned to go to a nice restaurant and was embarrassed to comply.

“When we got to the dance, everything was fine,” Fotheringham said. “It was just the beginnings of it (that went wrong). So it wasn’t necessarily anybody’s fault. It was just a series of events that just went wrong.”

She said it was worth everything going wrong because it made the night more memorable.

Galvez also shared one of her favorite dates.

She said she and a date made a homemade dinner, which gave them time to talk. When she needed more water, her date would go get it for her. He also opened all of her doors.

After dinner, the two went to a nearby pond. They each had 15 pennies.

Each time one of them tossed a penny into the pond, they asked a question about the other.

“It was a really cute date, and it was really romantic, and it was cost effective,” Galvez said.

Galvez said she suggests that boys should be gentlemen. She also says to be creative and would remind them that dates don’t have to be expensive.

Galvez said this date earned a second.

Emily Dean said one of her favorite dates was planned out down to minor details.

“He planned on sliding down a banister – like a really long banister,” Dean said.

Her date also took her to Build-A-Bear and made her a teddy bear.Then they went to her date’s house and made muffins while they watched Beauty and the Beast. After the muffins, her date gave her a foot bath with essential oils.

“It was awkward to start with, then I was like, ‘This is an awesome idea!'” Dean said.

Dean says she remembers this date because it was really planned out, but not predictable. Dean said that she suggests that guys don’t only take dates bowling, ice skating, or to the movies, but to add something creative.

Sam Howe says he appreciates when girls are excited and supportive about his plans.

Howe took a girl to a lunch, then bowling, then to a movie, but that wasn’t all he had planned.

“I had some extra goodies in my trunk,” Howe said.

Howe’s goodies included a Ripstick, a box of rocks and some baseball bats.

He taught his date how to ride the Ripstick. Then they went to Pineview and hit the rocks with baseball bats into the reservoir. Howe says this was a great opportunity to talk and get to know each other.

Howe said his date enjoyed the random activities so much that she invited her family that night to go outside to learn how to ride the Ripstick.

Howe keeps a list on his phone of date ideas just in case anything pops up short notice. The list includes (but is not limited to) horseback riding, sidewalk chalk, marshmallow guns, the Wal-Mart game (Wal-Mart bingo), Skittles mini-golf, buying cheap rollerblades and then using them and hitting a bucket of balls.

When he thinks of something, he puts it in his phone. Just in case.

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