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Performers of the nights first dance number, Resonance, as part of the annual Orchesis Dance Theater Performance. Taken in April 2019.

Dancing into spring

Lexie Andrew, Culture editor March 23, 2023

Orchesis Dance Theatre at Weber State University is welcoming spring with their spring dance concert, Primavera, March 30-April 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the Allred Theater. There will be a matinee performance...

The front of the Army ROTC building located across from the Ogden campus.

ROTC stomping grounds

Sky Mundell, Reporter February 23, 2023

Weber State University’s Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps program aims to equip its candidates with the knowledge and physical fitness necessary for them to pursue a career in the U.S. military,...

Pisándo terrenos del ROTC

Daniela Imbrett, Translator February 23, 2023

El programa del Cuerpo de Entrenamiento de Oficiales de la Reserva del Ejército de Weber State University tiene como objetivo equipar a sus candidatos con el conocimiento y la aptitud física necesarios...

El costo de graduarse

Nathanael Stout, Translator December 6, 2022

Graduarse puede ser caro. Hay muchos costes asociados a la graduación. Muchos de ellos son bien entendidos, como la cuota de solicitud, la cuota para caminar, el costo de la toga, y el diploma con su...

Decorations set out at grad finale along with graduation attire.

The many costs of graduation

Alma Bell, Reporter December 6, 2022

There are many costs associated with graduating. Many of these costs are well understood, like the application fee, the fee to walk, the cost of the gown and the diploma with its particular frame. However,...

An image of the Chi Tester option on students profiles located on the WSU website.

Saying goodbye to Chi

Hunter Lindsey, Reporter August 29, 2022

After more than eight years of administering exams through Chi Tester, Weber State University will be discontinuing its use, and Aug. 26 was the last day exams were taken through the Chi Tester software. Some...

The pond located at Ogdens Weber State University. (Kennedy Camarena/ The Signpost)

Looking back on my freshman year

Windsor Moore, Reporter August 29, 2022

Freshman year is a time to learn and grow not only as a student, but as a person. Everybody has their own experiences with college, both positive and negative. Something great I’ve found about college...

A set of large plastic teeth laying on a dental chair table with dental tools.

An invaluable campus resource

Sky Mundell, Reporter August 29, 2022

Everyone knows that receiving healthcare and seeing a doctor can oftentimes be stressful, expensive, difficult or all three. Weber State University’s student health center aims to provide students with...

Examination room

Una experiencia invaluable en el Campus

Marianna Lopez-Luritta, Translation editor August 29, 2022

Escrito por Sky Mundell Traducido por Marianna Lopez-Luritta Todo el mundo sabe que recibir atención sanitaria y acudir a un médico puede ser a menudo estresante, caro, difícil o las tres cosas...

Getting a job on campus

Getting a job on campus

Adam Montgomery, Culture editor August 29, 2022

As students, we often have to find a balance between school and work. Class schedules can be difficult to navigate, and finding a job that understands you’re a student first is essential. Student...

The summer semester on WSUs campus was quiet, but not silent when it came to crime.

Summer 2022 Police Blotter

Lucas Moore and Breanna Hart August 29, 2022

Weber State University’s campus this summer was pretty safe overall, but the summer months still had hints of affliction. Our campus safety is a big priority of the university police, and we are most...

Waldo encouraged fans at the Portland State vs Weber State Womens Volleyball game.

Got a question? Ask Waldo!

Hunter Lindsey, Reporter June 27, 2022

Weber State University’s artificial intelligence-powered Ask Waldo system was launched this year. Ask Waldo can help current and prospective students in a variety of ways including a new system that...

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