Dancing into spring

Performers of the night’s first dance number, “Resonance,” as part of the annual Orchesis Dance Theater Performance. Taken in April 2019.

Orchesis Dance Theatre at Weber State University is welcoming spring with their spring dance concert, Primavera, March 30-April 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the Allred Theater.

There will be a matinee performance on April 1 at 2 p.m. This performance will be a sensory friendly and ASL performance.

Amanda Sowerby, director of Orchesis, said that during this performance, the house lights will be left on and dimmed, the doors will be open, the music will be more quiet, and it won’t be as formal so audience members can leave their seats if they need to.

“I find it fascinating, the interpreter interprets the tone and the rhythm of the music so that the audience can get a sense that the music is very percussive or lyrical,” Sowerby said. “They provide that level of awareness in the environment as well.”

This performance will showcase work from students, as well as some from the directors and faculty members in the dance department.

WSU dance performances have been known to be more modern, however this performance doesn’t rely as heavily on the modern style.

Sowerby explained that there will be modern pieces, however, there are other styles this time as well, along with cultural pieces.

Two of the performances will come from student dancers Stacee Perry and Kaya Priest, who will be showcasing their work.

Perry’s project will be exploring the history of jazz dance, not the typical style of jazz dance many see today, but its African roots.

“Over time, due to systemic racism and white culture, jazz dance has changed,” Perry said. “I’m basically creating movement that creates homage to the roots of jazz dance.”

Priest’s project takes a look at the culture and style of K-pop. In her piece, Priest explains that each of her dancers have their own roles as K-pop idols and will come together to perform like a K-pop group.

“I’m treating it as if I was a choreographer for a K-pop group,” Priest said. “So we’re seeing how taking that culture and the whole experience of ‘you have to be doing this and this,’ how that’s going to show up in the end result.”

Joseph “jo” Blake, assistant professor of dance, will have a piece in the performance as well as Juan Carlos Claudio, director of Orchesis. There will also be a Panamanian cultural performance by guest choreographer Karlies Kelly.

“I hope that it’s a new experience for people attending,” Priest said. “I hope that the audience is able to find that there are new things going on in this department and new creations.”

Tickets and more information about Primavera can be found through Weber’s Art homepage.