Staying a Wildcat: WSU graduate programs

The wildcat statue that stands outside of the Lindquist Alumni Center. Photo taken in 2022.

Weber State University isn’t just a place to get your undergraduate degree. With over 20 graduate programs, WSU allows for students to continue their education at the university through master’s, doctorate and other post-graduate programs.

Programs range from criminal justice, electrical engineering, education and the new Physician Assistant program, WSU provides a wide range for graduates from WSU or any other college graduate to choose from. Many fields at WSU offer an advanced degree with multiple emphases for students to focus on.

Graduate programs at WSU include faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds, providing valuable resources for students trying to figure out where to begin their careers. The Systems Engineering program has faculty backgrounds in aerospace and defense, manufacturing, mechanics, business intelligence and data, biomedical, chemical and advanced design.

Some WSU graduate programs offer state-specific curriculums that are valuable to students looking to work in the Ogden community. The Master of Social Work program offers a curriculum with a focus on “clinical practice skills relevant to Utah’s growing Latinx population,” according to WSU’s Master of Social Work program webpage.

WSU also offers six different health-related graduate programs: Health Administration, Nursing, Nursing Practice, Physician Assistant, Radiologic Sciences and Respiratory Therapy.

One of WSU’s more celebrated master’s programs is Nursing. The nursing graduate program ranked among the best last year according to EduMed, Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce, U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review.

The Nurse Educator program and Nursing Leadership and Management three-semester programs are both completely online, making them a more flexible option for students.

WSU is currently the only school in Utah offering a Master’s of Radiologic Sciences program. ranked WSU as No. 5 in the nation for graduate radiology programs, out of the 39 schools who offer advanced degrees in that field. The Master’s of Radiologic Sciences program offers three different emphases: Innovation and Improvement, Cardiac Specialist and Radiologist Assistant.

Another healthcare-focused master’s program at WSU is the Physician Assistant program. This program has ranked among the best according to multiple college review sources in previous years as recent as 2022.

The Physician Assistant program is new to WSU and comes after a law passed in Utah that allows PA’s to practice medicine without a supervising medical doctor. Utah is one of the few states to have passed a law like this. Because of the passing of this law and Utah’s lack of accessible medical care, WSU’s new PA program could be of great use to the people of Utah.

“One of the things that attracted me to this university is the strong undergraduate programs that they have in the department of the … College of Health Professions,” Sandra Stennett, director for the Physician Assistant program, said. “Right, really strong nursing program, really strong radiologic sciences, respiratory therapy, all of those areas are really strong already, and so we have a huge applicant pool to draw from people that are already in patient-care roles.”

Though most PA programs are 27 months long, WSU’s program is only 24 months long. The program currently has only 20 students per year and does not plan to expand in order to allow the students in the program to get the best possible education they can receive, especially since the program is shorter than average.

Though WSU’s healthcare-related graduate programs often take the spotlight, many of the university’s other graduate programs also turn out successful graduates. The Goddard School of Business & Economics, which offers a Master of Business Administration, boasts graduates who found work at big name companies, such as Tesla and Goldman Sachs.

The Master of Accounting program reports 99% job placement for graduates, as well as $55,000 average starting yearly salary, compared to WSU’s average yearly salary for undergraduates of $48,000.

With programs in many different fields of study and even more to come as WSU continues to grow in both undergraduate and graduate student body, WSU’s graduate programs are an option for all graduating WSU students, and students from other universities looking to expand their education.

Those interested in graduate programs can easily find ways to apply through WSU’s website. WSU academic advisors can help students interested in these programs find the right program for them.