Finding confidence in community

Shania attending her first block party at WSU in 2015.

As an upcoming graduate, I can confidently say that I have learned a lot throughout the years at Weber. It won’t feel real until I’m holding that hard-earned piece of paper. Even then, graduation can feel like a dream. But it’s true, and it means no more classes. While another degree is always an option, I’m content with my current achievements.

Throughout my time at Weber, I’ve learned where to go for the best food, how to save money while getting said food, tricks to save money on textbooks, and even how to navigate the campus without getting lost. Sure, most of these things have to do with how to save money, but that’s just something we students have to learn, right?

There’s a saying that is overused, but I like to live by it: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It certainly got tough over the years, especially as I got into some upper-level classes. In particular, my upper-level math classes were a challenge. Math has never been my strong suit, but looking back and knowing that I went all the way up to Calculus feels pretty good.

I didn’t start out with a Digital Media degree and a minor in Creative Writing. I was in Computer Science, but what changed my mind was The Signpost. I discovered that not only do I love writing with all my heart, but the design aspect of the newspaper fascinated me.

The Signpost is probably something I’m going to miss the most. I’m an introvert at heart. When I’m in an environment for the first time, I am really shy and quiet. But everyone in The Signpost quickly broke that shell. I have so many great memories with you guys. Even though I wasn’t on for long, it feels like I have been a part of The Signpost for years. It felt like a family, and the friends that I made, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. I definitely will not forget them.

Being a writer on the culture desk specifically has been an adventure. I got to go to places and speak to people that I wouldn’t have spoken to or visited otherwise. The places and people I have gotten the honor to talk to because of The Signpost will definitely stick with me.

For several articles, I had to break through my uncertainty of talking to people I have never met before. This not only gave me new friends, but a chance to give a voice to the voiceless, so to speak. It always makes my day to see someone light up when I tell them I am from The Signpost and I would like to interview them.

It’s such a rush to see how people react to you wanting to tell their stories. Even when I leave at the end of this semester, I hope to carry that on in my future career. Writing stories and animating may be a different world altogether, but the feelings and lessons I believe will stay the same.

So to end this, I refuse to say goodbye. Instead, I will say see you later.