Bohemian wanderings

Painted cubes displayed on the wall from past visitors.

In 1993, the Ogden City Arts program was created, bringing opportunities and connections to many different artists throughout the city and inspiring Ogden citizens continually. Among its varied events is the First Friday Art Stroll.

The First Friday Art Stroll, as its name suggests, is held on the first Friday of each month and gives community members the opportunity to go around and experience the art culture of Ogden.

The art stroll comprises multiple art studios, galleries and a few cafes spreading across part of the Historic 25th Street, The Junction and the Nine Rails Creative District.

The weather was cold and damp, which concerned artist Cara Koolmees, who wondered if that would lead to a smaller outcome this month, however, the weather did not deter the attendees.

Many of the artists had their booths exposed in the elements around the park in the Nine Rails Creative District. Due to increase the rain, they packed up earlier than intended.

One of the stops on the stroll is Gallery 25, an art collective that rents out wall space for a low price to provide artists with an affordable place to showcase and sell their works.

“That is one of the cool things about the gallery, is all of the variation,” David Crowther, a photographer and Gallery 25 member, said.

On the mezzanine in Gallery 25, they showcase the palette club winners’ pieces. These are artists who are not a part of the art collective, but have great artistic talents.

Another stop on the stroll is Union Station. In the main hall, temporary walls were put up to hold portraits in various mediums from a large collection of people in the local community.

These portraits were of the friends and family of the artists, TikTok stars and even musicians like Taylor Swift or Cardinal Copia of Ghost.

The art stroll is a place where artists can share their works for people to enjoy. Koolmees wants the viewers to enjoy and be a part of her art.

“I would like to invite the viewer to come inside my paintings and take a look around instead of standing outside observing from a distance,” Koolmees said.

Koolmees also said she finds inspiration from everywhere, especially buildings. She sees buildings as portraits and her studio location on 25th Street gives her that opportune location to see the buildings that inspire her.

Everyone can find something to enjoy during the art stroll and find inspiration from the artist’s works or the views around the galleries.