Police Blotter 10/27

Sneaky fraud
The Weber State University Police Department responded to a call from the Downtown WSU Bookstore regarding credit card fraud on Oct. 21. An individual claimed to be a WSU alumni and attempted to purchase a couple of laptops with three different credit cards. The charges are now being disputed and no further action has been taken.

Was that supposed to be funny?
WSUPD received a call about damaged property at 1375 Village Loop Rd in the R2 parking lot on Oct. 20. The complainants had parked their vehicles there and returned only to find that their cars had eggs thrown at them. No suspect information was available and no further action was taken on behalf of WSUPD.

Not your lane…
Officers observed an individual drive up into the OGX bus lane in front of the Shepherd Union Building, from the stop sign west of the area on Oct. 20. The driver was educated by WSUPD to not use the bus lane for U-turns or driving at all. No further action was needed.

Something’s not clicking
Campus police were dispatched to a call regarding a suspicious person at the Browning Center on Oct. 19. Contact was made with the individual and they were informed that they could be in the Browning Center, but not in the student or professor areas. This was the same individual reported in the last police blotter, who was sitting in student waiting areas and would act like he didn’t know English when questioned by WSU staff members for being on campus. No further action has been taken after the Browning Center incident.

A magnet for clownery
WSUPD also responded to an earlier suspicious person report at the Browning Center on Oct. 18. A transient female, who was newly released from the Mckay Dee Behavioral Health Department, took an iPad and radio from the campus building. A building manager advised officers that the items belonged to the Browning Center and that they did not want to have to press charges at that time. Police were also requested to tell the suspect to not return to the building in the future. The stolen items have since been returned and the female was transported to the Lantern House homeless shelter.

Should I be scared?
Officers received a call from the Area Coordinator of University Village about a suspicious person on Oct. 17. The coordinator was contacted by officers and had stated that one of their residential assistants had gotten the information about the suspect from a student living in the R4 residence building of UV. The student explained that when they would take the trash out late at night, there would be a man standing on the West side of the R4 building. There was no suspect information provided to the WSUPD and officers attempted to contact the student for more insight but were unable to. More updates will follow as more information is revealed.

You are loved, you are wanted
WSUPD responded to a psychiatric call at the Dee Events Center parking lot on Oct. 16. Officers met with a female who explained she was having suicidal thoughts and needed to speak to somebody. Officers were able to talk to the female and she voluntarily checked herself into the Behavioral Health Department and McKay Dee Hospital. No further action was needed.

What’s behind door number one?
Campus police received a call about a potential drug violation at a University Village dorm room. The RA on the floor smelled an odor of possible marijuana and tried to make contact with the residence they felt the odor was coming from. A male answered the door and was uncooperative, leading the RA and WSUPD to search for the odor further. They were not able to identify which specific room the odor was coming from and no further action was taken.

Keep the peace
WSUPD responded to a call of aggravation in a Wildcat Village dorm room on Oct. 15. An RA requested the presence of police while fellow RA’s assisted the occupants of the dorm resolve personal issues stemming from rooming together. The RA’s discussed the situation with the residents and the problem was resolved. No further action was needed on behalf of WSUPD

Slow down, speedy!
Officers observed a vehicle driving around 30 miles per hour south through the 15 miles per hour speed limited Dee Event Center parking lot on Oct. 14. An officer stopped the driver and the subject seemed to not be trusting of police. Nonetheless, they were cooperative and did not believe they were speeding. The driver was given a warning and educated on the speed limit in that specific parking lot.

A thief on the loose
The case of the vehicle burglaries happening at University Village parking lots is still open. The suspect mentioned in the last police blotter, who was breaking into vehicles late at night and stealing anything they could, has not been caught yet. WSUPD would like to remind everyone staying on campus to lock their vehicles and to not keep any valuables inside. Ogden Police Department’s Area Tactical Analysis has been contacted in order to attempt to identify the suspect’s vehicle. More updates will follow as more information is revealed.

Lurking in the bushes
A complainant contacted WSUPD about a mountain lion present in the bushes near the Marriot Allied Health Building staircase on Oct. 11. They did not see what direction the big cat went after that initial sighting. Officers searched the area on foot and through security cameras, but were unable to locate the animal.

Wait, this isn’t a drive-thru
Campus police handled a call for service regarding a WSU employee accidentally driving their personal vehicle into a garage door of the Outdoor and Welcome Center on Oct. 10. No one was injured as a result of the accident, and a police report was requested.

Northridge rebels
WSUPD responded to a report of Northridge students being on the WSU campus. They had been reported for blocking Northern Utah Academy of Math, Engineering and Science students in a parking lot. Police determined that the individuals involved were also present in a previous incident where Northridge students had disrupted a class. Officers looked through security footage and alerted the NUAMES administration of the incident. No further action has been taken by WSUPD as of yet.