Opinion: Big Names in the Big Sky


Weber State Athletics

Weber State University football team runs onto the field for their season opener against Western Oregon on Sept. 1. The Wildcat’s are ranked 5th in the FCS.

Four teams in the Big Sky are ranked in the top 10 of the Football Championship Subdivision, with Weber State University being one of them. The University of Montana, Sacramento State University and Montana State University are also in the top 10.

The Wildcats sit at No. 5, with Sacramento State above them at No. 3. Montana State is at No. 2, with Montana sitting at No. 7. Next week, the Wildcats face Montana State and hope to keep their undefeated season alive.

In a preseason FCS poll, WSU was ranked at No. 20. Last year, the Wildcats went 6–5 and missed the playoffs, causing their ranking to drop lower than previous years.

The Wildcats have an excellent chance to go far this season, with their record being 6–0. Sacramento State is also undefeated.

In the weeks to come, the Wildcats face both of the teams from Montana. These games will be the most significant challenge the Wildcats have faced all season.

The four ranked teams are at the top of the Big Sky Conference and show how the Big Sky has become more competitive. I think the development of these schools shows how Big Sky has improved their conference as a whole in recent years.

WSU has a more formidable defense and offense this year, and it’s been proven so far. With all the adjustments they make during games and the athleticism of their players, they have a good chance of knocking off the top teams.

Sophomore quarterback Bronson Barron has had a great season running the offense so far. The Wildcats got a new offensive coordinator this year, Mickey Mental, and he has their offense flowing right now.

On the defensive side of the ball, Junior cornerback Maxwell Anderson is a leader and has led the defense minimizing points from opponents and has five interceptions on the year.

The Wildcats are led by Head Coach Jay Hill in his 9th season. Hill has done a great job at recruiting and developing players that got them to this rank. Hill started his coaching career with a 2–10 record, and now they’re ranked in the FCS and are 6–0.

These teams have good records and will make the playoffs this year, making it exciting to watch. I think these top teams will keep their rankings for future years.

If they keep developing and building teams the way they are, the Big Sky will be more prominent in the NCAA. When you think of NCAA Football, the Big Sky isn’t the top division, but teams like these four will be dangerous to the other divisions.