Disco is silent, not dead

A portion of the crowd listening to hip-hop music, as indicated by the red station.

Weber State University students gathered in the ballrooms of the Shepherd Union building on Oct. 7 to participate in a silent disco as part of the “True Wildcat Night” tradition during the 2022 Homecoming Week festivities.

Instead of having a traditional dance with speakers playing the music, students were given headphones to listen to music of their choosing. This allowed for participants to take off their headphones and talk rather than trying to yell over the music at a traditional disco, and gave them freedom to find their style of music to dance to.

The room was dark, but the light of the headphones lit up the room with green, red and blue to show what music the participants were listening to. Friends could easily tell what music their group was listening to based on the color their headphones were lighting up.

The event, hosted by Weber State University Student Association, took place in the Shepherd Union Ballrooms from 9 p.m. to midnight. Entry was free to Weber students and $5 for non-students. The event featured a red carpet, photo station and refreshments.

As the night concluded, attendees headed out to the Stewart Bell Tower Plaza shortly before midnight to partake in the “True Wildcat Night” tradition of kissing underneath the Stewart Bell Tower. The event also provided mints and chapstick to help aid participants in this tradition.

Sam Schow, a first-year student at WSU, attended the event with friends. The group dressed up and headed out to “dance the night away.”

“My favorite part of the night was dancing with my group of friends. It was really fun to be able to switch through the music on the headphones and freaking out when we found a good song,” Schow said. “I definitely made some good memories.”

Students were able to use photo stations in order to capture the memories of the night. The red carpet was the photo opportunity of the night, with attendees lining up to take pictures in front of the backdrop.

Having multiple options for music was a part of the event that attendees enjoyed. It gave way for dances and other events involving music to have an option that will please almost anyone, rather than having everyone listen to the same songs.

“It was fun having the option of three different music choices so you could dance to whatever vibe you were feeling,” Savannah Coleman, another attendee of the event said.