Police Blotter 9/29

Nightmare fuel
Weber State University officers responded to a call from a student stuck in an elevator in Lampros Hall on Sept. 19. WSUPD arrived and helped the student, who was in a motorized wheelchair, out of the elevator. Maintenance turned the elevator off and then back on for it to begin working again. The student was released and there was no further action needed.

Someone was mad…
WSU police received a call about vehicle damage in the Davis campus parking lot. Officers arrived and observed the vehicle, which seemed to have been scratched along the side with a sharp object. The complainant did not have any details about the incident, but security footage from the building cameras on Davis campus are being reviewed. The investigation is still open and being handled by WSUPD.

OK, calm down now
Campus police received a call on Sept. 21 from an individual concerned about the campus drag show happening on Sept. 23. The caller was worried lewdness would be displayed and that it would violate the law. WSUPD explained that there will be officers present at the event to make sure such things do not happen. The individual was curious and asked the officers to read the statute for lewdness in order to ensure it did not occur. The officer on scene instructed the individual of how they could gather this information online and no further action was needed.

Allegations at the Ice Sheet
WSUPD responded to an assist call from the Ice Sheet campus ice skating rink on Sept. 22. The complainant wanted to report an allegation of sexual misconduct from a juvenile employee involving his ex-girlfriend. Officers made contact with the juvenile’s parents and found that the allegations were false. Contact was then made with the parents of the other party involved and they were informed of the findings. No further action was taken.

Campus sex offense
WSU police were notified on Sept. 25 of a sexual assault that happened prior on WSU property. The victim wished to remain anonymous and WSUPD were able to gather information of the incident through mandatory reporters on campus. Resources were provided to the friend of the victim and were asked to be passed along.

You think you’re an artist, huh?
Campus police received a call on Sept. 26 regarding graffiti on the Facility Maintenance and Landscape Shop’s concrete barrier. WSUPD arrived, reported and took pictures of the damage. No further action was needed.

We have a runner!
WSUPD responded to an assist call of a juvenile mental health crisis on Sept. 28. The subject fled from their parents at the Mckay Dee Hospital, but was successfully located by officers and transported back to the hospital for treatment. The juvenile is safe and was not harmed in the altercation. No further action was needed.

Not a parking spot
WSU officers were dispatched to the Shepherd Union building regarding a parking problem on Sept. 21. A Culligan water truck was parked in the OGX bus lane, obstructing the flow of buses. WSUPD arrived and informed the driver that parking there was illegal, due to it being a strict bus lane. The driver was then instructed to use the loading dock area instead,. No further action was taken.

What’s that smell?
Campus police received a call on a possible drug violation in Wildcat Village Residence Hall 3 on Sept. 23. The complainant explained the strong odor of marijuana coming from the third floor of the building. Officers were not able to locate what room or person the smell was coming from. The incident was recorded on the officer’s shift log and extra patrols are being called for in Wildcat Village.
WSUPD was then alerted of the same strong odor coming from a dorm room in Wildcat Village on the same day. Officers made contact with the occupants of the room in question and they admitted to having the restricted substance in the room. The marijuana was seized by officers and was booked into evidence for destruction. No further action was taken

There have been a rising number of reports about accidents in campus parking lots, hit-and-runs, and parking in spaces where it is prohibited to park in. The WSUPD would like to remind anyone on campus to be vigilant in the parking lots and to always make sure you are in a proper parking space before exiting your vehicle.