Eye spy a parking spot

Cars parked at a parking lot located at the bottom of Ogden campus.

Like many campuses around the country, finding parking at Weber State University can be difficult. One of WSU students’ biggest complaints is difficulty in finding parking near their classes.

“Two of the biggest gripes for students was one, trying to find a parking spot, and two, the cost of parking,” James Larson, UTA public relations specialist, said.

“It seems like every space was filled,” Preston Thomas, WSU freshman student, said. “I was looking for a space for like 20 minutes this morning.”

Another student, Cassie Simpson, said the difficulty finding parking spaces has made her late for class, especially for classes in the Tracy Hall Science Center.

“It’s something I deal with a lot,” Simpson said.

To combat this, the Dee Events Center parking lot is now free for students and features Ogden Express shuttles that will bring students to campus. This adds a large amount of parking spaces for students to use.

WSU has a total of 9,300 parking spaces on all of their collective campuses, according to Crystal Taylor, director of Event Facilities and Parking.

The university is also planning on adding an additional parking lot near the Campus Services building, where Birch Street enters campus, adding even more parking for student use.

Parking permits can be purchased to use the on-campus parking lots. A-Permits are offered first to seniors and veterans, allowing for parking in any A, W or R lots. The cost is $135 per year and $86 per semester.

R/W-Permits are offered to students living on campus. They allow for use of W and R parking lots. The cost is $88 per year and $58 per semester.

W-Permits can be purchased by any student and allow access to all W parking lots on campus. The cost is also $88 per year and $58 per semester..

No permits are required to use the parking lot at the Dee Events Center and shuttles are provided for students free of charge. The Dee Events Center is about a mile from the Stewart Library and central campus.