Saying goodbye to Chi

An image of the Chi Tester option on students profiles located on the WSU website.

After more than eight years of administering exams through Chi Tester, Weber State University will be discontinuing its use, and Aug. 26 was the last day exams were taken through the Chi Tester software.

Some finals for the summer semester have already been completed through Canvas.

“I would say about 19% of finals were already on Canvas,” Tracey Smith, Weber State director of services, said.

Social Science Testing Coordinator, Stephen Morphet, explained the changes students may see during the transition.

“There’s aesthetics that are different,” Morphet said. “Students are going to want to have their Weber username memorized because when they come to check in, they’re going to have to log into their Canvas to get access to the course.”

The overall test-taking experience won’t change a whole lot either. Morphet said exams will still be combinations of multiple choice, true/false and free response questions determined by the instructor. Professors create the exams through the Canvas app, following the correct testing parameters and guidelines.

“Canvas is not a comprehensive testing system, but is something that we hope can work,” Smith said.

Smith explained that a comprehensive testing system is something that can print a test on demand and provide analytics for faculty.

The actual process and experience of taking an exam will not change much from the student perspective. Students will check in at the front desk of the testing center and be required to login using their eWeber information. From there, they will enter the testing center, log into Canvas again, select the exam they would like to take and proctors will be monitoring throughout.

“It’s more of an aesthetically pleasing application,” Morphet said. “The Canvas check-in on the testing staff seems to be a little more simplified than Chi Tester.”

By fall semester, all exams and tests will be administered through Canvas as testing centers are starting to see more use. Proctorio will still be used for exams taken at home, giving instructors flexibility and options when assigning exams and quizzes.